Thursday, November 25, 2010

Going Dark

So I thought I'd share my newest adventure and that is...

...going dark. The picture (which Cash took actually and I think he did a pretty good job) doesn't do it justice. I love the color. I've done it once before but it's been quite a while (since before Vanna was born) and I thought - what the heck. It's kind of fun to go darker in the winter and I needed a change. Ty is trying to get me to grow out my hair and it was currently in the icky "in-between" stage I can't stand, so I thought maybe a change of color might pacify me.

On a similar note (and yet not really), the time change has really thrown me for a look - now that it's going dark so early in the evening. I've gotten used to the idea that once it gets dark, it's time to slow down and relax a bit, put Vanna to bed, etc. But when it's going dark at 5:30, it's impossible to be lazy for 4 hours or so before climbing in bed. I'm having to re-train my mind/body into realizing that I still have lots of day time left, even if it is dark. Just another reason I love summer - such long, fun-filled days! Thank goodness there is at least the holidays to look forward to in the winter right?! The kids don't seem to mind, as long as those short days result in fun filled activity such as:
We got our first snow on Sunday and the kids enjoyed playing in it for a bit. Of course it was all gone by the next day so I'm glad they got the chance to have their fun. We're going back down to Southeast Idaho for Thanksgiving where I'm sure they'll find much more of that cold white stuff to play with. We can't wait to see family again. Wish us luck on the roads!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall/Halloween 2010

Our traditional trip to the pumpkin patch. We got lots this year: some to decorate with, some to carve. Cash also went on a pumpkin patch field trip with his pre-school where both he and Vanna were able to pick one of their own size to carry out for free - so we had pumkins galore at our house this year.

Cash always likes to pick out the white ones. His dad helped him with his carving - Ty goes for the scary ones if you can't tell. I helped Vanna with her "kitty".

So I really wanted to find coordinating costumes for the kids this year for Halloween but Cash insisted on being a boxer and I was at a loss for finding an outfit to coordinate with that (I'm usually not very imaginative when it comes to things like that). So we got Cash the boxer outfit and I picked out an adorable bee costume for Vanna - just because I thought it would be darling on her. After receiving their costumes in the mail and watching them trapse around in them for several days (because one day of dress up in your Halloween costume just is NOT enough when you're a child of course)-I discovered a rather clever way of connecting the two:

Float like a butterfly...

Sting like a bee...

What do you think? Yeah, it was the best I could come up with. Anyway, we had a great Halloween holiday and can' t wait for the next ones coming up soon!