Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Easter!

It was a cold Easter but it was eventful and fun.

Ty took Cash through our apartment complex Easter Egg Hunt. He got 10 eggs stuffed full of candy. Cash takes after his dad and has quite the sweet tooth, so between the two of them the candy was gone like that!

Following the Easter Egg Hunt, Cash and his friends played with bubbles and watched the older kids search for their eggs. Cash simply loves playing outside - his hands can be red and freezing but he won't complain. In fact, he'll complain when we try to take him inside to warm up.

Cash is getting more excited about opening gifts and he loves his new sandles and alphabet toy he got Easter morning. He even got his sandles on all by himself. He also loves to push the button on his toy that plays the alphabet song - he sings along with the right tune but just says "g" over and over again.

James, Orillia and Chase came to visit us on Easter Sunday. They brought a yummy dinner and got to see Cash perform with his new toy. He is pretty entertaining and loves to put on a show for visitors.

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