Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camping - Trial Run

We went camping with some friends this past weekend.  Believe it or not, this was not only Rosie's first camping trip, but Vanna's as well.  Does that make us bad parents - the fact that we have not been camping in 4 years!?  We finally put it in the books, made it happen, and had a great time.  It proved a good trial run for us - we have a camping family reunion coming up next week and I think we were reminded of a couple things we need to remember about camping:

1) Everything is an adventure when you're camping!

On their way to check out the river!

Couldn't believe how brave Vanna was to climb up to this tree stand.  Made me a bit nervous!
 2) When it's 100 degrees outside, it's hard to enjoy the fire...and there is no need for sleeping bags!

Cash is a little pyro!
3) You can't leave chocolate laying around just anywhere. :)  I had just set out all the s'more ingredients on the table and then turned around to see that one of our friend's kids had already snatched an entire chocolate candy bar, eating it without grahm crackers or marshmallows, lounging in his chair completely satisfied with his find!

Remember tin foil dinners? Gotta' love 'em!
4) Don't forget the pillows!  Of course I remembered to bring along the kids' pillow pets, their favorite blankets, etc., but I forgot my pillow and Ty's pillow.  Needless to say, we got even less sleep than you normally would on a camping trip - and you all know that's not much. :)

5) Dirt is the new sand (the kids were building dirt castles)!

6) The only real way to get cleaned up after camping is to get hosed down!

...and finally...

7) Camping is fun and full of memories!!!

LOVE this picture!

Rosie's Sitting!

Rosie just turned 7 months and has pretty well mastered the art of sitting.  I usually put her boppy pillow around her though just in case she she topples backwards but she generally does really well.

I love these pictures because they capture what she really looks like first thing in the morning - so happy and cheerful... and bangs/hair hanging down in her eyes. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SuMmEr StUfF

Our summer has been really no different than any other, and probably pretty similar to most other people's, but we're sure having fun!

T-Ball -
Cash finished up T-ball the end of last month.  Baseball is officially this boy's sport.  He LOVES it!  At the end of the season, his coach came up to me and said, "You've got to put him in coach pitch next year.  He really knows what he's doing and does a good job."  We planned on doing that anyway but it was good for Cash to hear how well he'd done from someone other than us.  He just enjoys the game so much and we enjoy watching him play!

Just before he slugs the ball...

Summer Reading at the Library -
Our library kicked off their summer reading program by having the Summerwind Skippers come from Boise to perform.  They were on America's Got Talent last year and made it pretty far actually.  They were very entertaining.  I don't know how they do the stuff they can do in a rope (breakdancing, flips, you name it) - it sure looks like quite the work out.  They invited kids to come up and take a stab at double dutch and at first Cash and Vanna didn't want to go but Vanna changed her mind and soon Cash came lining up as well.  They both had a great time trying it out and were little naturals.

Later, Vanna took a second turn and the entire time she jumped with her hands in her pockets - made it look like 'this is a piece of cake' :)

The boy has springs in his legs I swear!

Exploring -
One of our neighbors invited us over to hold and pet their new little puppies, feed their chicks and baby ducks, etc.  The kids were in heaven as you can imagine!

The Winds of Change -
Well, about three weeks ago I was released from being the Primary President and it was very bitter sweet.  Ty was called as the Elder's Quorem President and, thankfully, our Bishop didn't want two Presidents from one young family.  I don't know how we could have managed - so even though I didn't want to be released, I knew it was necessary. 
Ever since we've been married, I've pretty much always served in the Primary and I will certainly miss the sweet spirit that is there.  As crazy as it may sound (because I get to see them and spend all day, every day with my kids), I will especially miss seeing my own kids in Primary - to hear their responses to the things being taught, etc.  I loved the ladies I served with as well and it's hard being broken up from "the gang" :). 
I do however look forward to being able to attend Sunday School and I can already tell that I certainly don't miss the responsibility that comes with such a calling. The past couple Sundays have been so nice to be able to take my time getting to things, be able to take my baby out to the hall if needed, myself (I used to be too busy with Sharing Time or something to be able to do this much so a Counselor or someone was always helping me out with the baby while I was in Primary). 
I also look forward to my new calling as the Laurel Advisor.  It it definitely different, but I'm loving there as well.  I have the cream of the cream of the crop in my Laurel class.  They truly teach me so much by their examples.  I tell them every Sunday that I just "stand all amazed" at them and that I'm so grateful I have them as my children's role models to look to. 
So...this change has been bitter sweet, but change can be good and we'll look forward to what's in store.

Six Months -
Rosie is just over six months now!  We haven't had her Dr. appointment yet (later this week) so I don't have her stats to share but I thought I'd jot down a couple things about her. 

Rosie is eating her cereal/fruits/veggies three times a day now and loves it.  She is just a pretty happy, content baby - loves to smile and sing/jabber.  On rare occasions recently she'll get a bit fussy towards the afternoon but I think that maybe her little teeth are starting to bother her though none have broken through yet. 

She is grabbing at everything, loves chewing/sucking on her toes (she's even snuck them in her mouth a time or two while I'm feeding her to get baby food all over), can't hold still (always swinging her hands around and when she's nursing this means she's usually kind of hitting me at the same time..it's hard to explain), doesn't want to miss a thing (easily distracted :) and is starting to scoot herself backwards while on her tummy.  When you watch her, you can tell she's concentrating and trying to lift her tummy off the floor to be on just her hands and knees but she hasn't quite got it down yet. 

On the move already!?

I love how she snuggles with her blanket and rubs her eyes when she gets tired!

Fourth of July -
Our ward always puts together an early breakfast and short program on the morning of the 4th.  I think we've only been once because my kids kind of sleep in until about 8am and that's when the breakfast starts every year - we just couldn't make it there in time.  Well, this year, since Ty had to help a bit at the breakfast, we decided to go. I know crazy - huh.  I don't know what made me think I could get there on time with three kids if I couldn't get there with two.  BUT we did make it there (just as they finished the flag ceremony) for the breakfast and program, and we really enjoyed it.  Later that day we went clay pigeon shooting with some new neighbors and already great friends, the Steels.  We are so happy they moved into our neighborhood and ward.  Katie and I have started walking together and scrapbook together.  They have a little boy that is Rosie's age and we're excited to watch them grow up together.  Anyway, this was the first opportunity I've had to shoot Ty's shotgun.  I got about 1/3 of the pigeons the guys threw out for me but for me, that's great in my opinion!  We had a wonderful time.  That night Ty and I took the baby with us to a Laurel activity at the Starlight Theatre in Garden Vallley (which is such a beautiful area) and watched Fiddler on the Roof.  It was kind of like a date even - we had a great time watching the play and fireworks together that night.   So our 4th was very full and very enjoyable!

Swimming Lessons -
Cash and Vanna have been looking so forward to their swimming lessons!  What kid doesn't want to go swimming everyday right?  It was so funny to hear the two talking about it to one another.  Cash would tell Vanna that he would take care of her and teach her how to swim.  They are both LOVING it and really getting it down!

I really wanted to put Vanna in the same class as Cash in order for her to learn the very beginning basics of swimming but she was too short and couldn't reach the shallow end of the big pool.  So, we moved her into the smaller pool with a younger group.  She is loving it though and can't seem to get enough!

Always has that tongue sticking out!

Last year Cash was a little nervous to get in the big pool initially but this year the kid has no fear and tries his little heart out to be the best he can be.  I'm loving watching him learn and improve!

Bearing Testimony -
We had read a couple stories from the Friend about testimonies and the kids decided they would like to bear their testimonies in Sacrament Meeting (Fast Sunday was coming up).  So we practiced in Family Home evening and throughout the week a bit.  Sunday rolled around and the kids went up together to bear their testimonies. 
Our ward turns the first portion of Testimony Meeting over to the kids that would like to bear their testimonies, so all the Primary kids get up at once and head to the front to wait their turn.  After all the kids are done, the conducting Bishopric member bears his own testimony and turns the remaining time over to the adults.   I had to explain that for you to understand that when Cash stood to bear his testimony, so did another kid, they didn't see one another until they were both almost to the pulpit so Cash turned back to his seat.  I think this discouraged him a bit the poor thing but he did so good to later stand again, get up and do a great job.  I could tell by the look on his face and just the way he snuggled up next to me when he came down to sit by me that he was a bit scared/sad.  He said, "I don't want to do that again for a long time."  Cash has born his testimony three times now, and each time he gets quite nervous but I'm proud of him for trying and wanting to share what he knows to be true.
Vanna waited and waited for nearly all the kids to bear their testimonies before standing to bear hers.  She stood, reached up to pull the mic to her mouth, and spilled out her testimony before any adults could stand to help her (everyone thought she'd need help).  She did so great, especially for never having done it before!  We sat about 10 benches back and on her way back to our seat everyone on the ends of the benchs shook her hand or gave her a high five - whispering to her how good she'd done.  When she came ot sit on my lap I asked her if that was scary, to which she responded, "Nope!"  Ty said that was probably because she couldn't see over the pulpit to all the people that were watching her :).

Summer seems to be flying by but we still have more fun to look forward to before it ends (reunion, camping, etc.) Can't wait - but what about you?  How is your summer going?