Monday, April 19, 2010

Not A Baby Anymore!

My baby is not a baby anymore. She's TWO (as of two Saturdays ago - I'm getting behind again)! And we're feeling it. She is learning and growing so fast it's amazing. And of course we are beginning to experience tantrums which is a sure sign your baby is two right?

We didn't do anything too fancy or big for Vanna's birthday this year. We thought it would just be nice to have our own little family party for her, so we simply played for hours at our local park, ate out at Carl's Jr. (which has a huge indoor jungle-gym play area for the kids to play their hearts out), and did the presents and cake of couse, but just at our house. Sometimes simple is best - it truly was a great day!

Playing their hearts out (as aforementioned:)...

Opening presents...

(a jump-o-lene, the kids love jumping like crazy in this huge

inflatable tramp-o-lene type toy- good investment I think :)

Blowing out the candles...

Stuffing her face with cake...

For memory sake, I have to record that Cash had such a hard time understanding that his birthday would come, it just wasn't his birthday yet. He kept asking "when is it my burpday (funny how he says birthday huh?)?" and "when do I get a cake?" and "why don't I get to blow out the candles?". He was so upset about the candles that we gave him a turn at blowing out Vanna's candles too. I kept trying to explain that in a couple months he would have his very own special birthday when he gets presents and can have whatever cake he wanted and on and on. By the end of the day I thought he had a fair understanding of the concept but the following day proved I was wrong. The following day was Sunday, and in Primary we always sing to those who've had a birthday the previous week and then they get to choose a candybar. Well, Cash had a minor meltdown as he yet, again, realized that it wasn't his birthday yet and came up to me crying. Poor kid. He'll understand soon enough.

I guess I had my own hard time with Vanna's birthday as it really is kind of sad - my baby really isn't a baby anymore! But oh, she is so much fun and such a unique and important part of our family. We just love her to death - which is what keeps us going after her famous and dramatic tantrums :).

Friday, April 16, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Easter 2010:

How fitting that General Conference should fall on the weekend of Easter. What an uplifting and inspiring weekend. I loved to listen to Cash tell me throughout this past week about, "Jesus, him got owies (pointing to his hands and feet) and him died dead but free (three) days and him got resected (resurrected) and him all better a (for) us. The way he explains the Easter story is so sweet and touching. I feel a tiny success in the wya that he's really picking up on the things we're trying to teach him. Anyway - what a wonderful week it was.

Kids with Daddy - coloring Easter eggs. They were being silly and trying to stir the dye with their spoons in their mouths. Mommy quickly put a stop to that. :)

Me and a couple friends of mine put together a little Easter egg hunt for our kids. My friend lives more in the country and has lots of open space so we had it there. We filled oodles of eggs and had a blast watching the kids hunt for them.

The kids with their stash! Cash got so many eggs they started overflowing and I had to hold some so he could continue hunting. Vanna started digging into her candy even before the hunt was over. Each of my kids have such a bad sweet tooth!

Trip to Grandma & Grandpa Bazils last week:

We were able to take another trip down to Eastern Idaho to visit Ty's family this past week. We had such a good time. The kids are always thoroughly entertained there with all the space and animals there are around. We spent some time with Ty's sister and her family as they were down visiting for a couple days. Cash and Vanna have been so spoiled lately with all the cousin play-time they've had. It's been great! We went 'hunting' for turkeys but didn't come across any so instead we just got to enjoy a little ride in Grandpa's truck and go for a little nature walk. We went bowling and ate out at Big Judd's and with our sweet Grandma Great, rented movies, flew a kite, etc. What a full and fun few days!

Eating at Papa Kelsey's in Rigby - a Bazil family favorite. It was yummy! Thanks Grandma Great!

Cash did his best ever this time bowling. He stayed entertained the entire game and really enjoyed himself. Can't say the same for Vanna although she did have fun helping Cash push the ball down the ramp.

Cash ready to go 'help" his dad and Uncle Chase feed the cows - a man's job. Most every night at Grandma & Grandpa Bazil's we go down to the barn to see the calves and watch Grandpa milk. The kids are always so entertained.