Thursday, July 24, 2008

Families Are Forever

We just got some new family pictures (we had to get some that included our pretty little Vanna) so I thought I'd share them. I plan on dedicating one large wall in our family room to family photos so these will be some I hang.

I also thought I'd copy my sister-in-law's idea to tell a little about our family-from the beginning-to accompany our pictures. I am Erica Bazil. I’m originally from Lava Hot Springs, ID. I love the smell of my fresh, clean babies after I've bathed them and put baby lotion on them. I also love to scrapbook, shop, and decorate - so I'm having a hay-day with our new house!
My husband is Ty. He is originally from Rigby, ID. He loves to fish and work out. He's considering joinging the weight club here until he gets his weight bench. We love to watch movies together and we love the limited alone time we get to eat dinner, visit, or whatever!
We met in Pocatello at Idaho State University where we were both attending school at the time. Just before we got married, I had graduated from school with an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies and we had just found out that Ty was accepted into ISU’s pharmacy program. We were married in June, just over four years ago in the Idaho Falls Temple.
So while going through the program Ty worked at Smith’s pharmacy as an Intern and I worked as a paralegal at a law firm for a couple years before we were blessed with the arrival of our adorable little boy, Cash. He is now just over two years old and never fails to entertain. He is such a good (and typical) little boy-he loves to be outside; he hates brushing his teeth; he reminds us before each meal to bless the food by folding his arms; he likes to read stories before going to bed and kissing each of us goodnight. We had planned on my staying at home with our children so when we had Cash I quit my job and we’ve never regretted the decision.
This spring we had a lot of exciting change when in April we had another bundle of joy join our family. Her name is Vanna - she is three months old. Her personality is really starting to shine through now. She flirts and smiles for anyone who will pay her any attention and is even beginning to coo. Also, Ty graduated in May and a week after his graduation we moved to Payette, ID for a job that he took as a Pharmacist at BI-MART in Weiser.
Ty is really enjoying his job but definitely feels the burden of responsibility that goes with it. One mistake and someone could really get hurt. But beyond that, the hours are awsome and he likes who he works with.
We are enjoying the company of our new friends, loving our new house...mmm...whatelse...simply put, our family is doing wonderfully!

Monday, July 14, 2008


I know I just blogged but I had to write this little memory down for our scrapbooks and thought I'd share it with all.

While I was in the other room working on our computer Cash's playing seemed to cease and there was silence...naturally I had to investigate because if Cash is awake and there is silence in the house it usually can't be good. I found Cash looking at something in his hand and as I got closer I saw that it was a fly. Normally I don't get to excited over something like this because Cash seems to find any insect possible and this type of thing is pretty common. But lo and behold as I got closer I found it was alive and still wiggling it's little legs all over the place - yuck. How in the world did a two year old catch a fly with his bare hand when I can't manage to hit them with a swatter?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Days

Oh, how I love the summer! It's actually a little warmer than I'm used to up this direction - thank goodness for central air. So to cool off we spent a little time running through the sprinklers. Cash would only do it if I was holding his hand so although I wasn't planning on getting wet (hence my being in my regular clothes) I dived in with the little guy. I'll do almost anything to hear Cash giggle the way he does when he's having a blast. Cash begged his daddy to run through the sprinklers with him also but he chickened out because he was in regular clothes too -his excuse was that he was taking the pictures.



and after.


We love the library here in Payette! It does Storytime on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:00 where they read a couple stories to kids ages 1-5, have singing time, do a craft that relates to the stories read, and have a snack. I usually take Cash on Wednesdays and Cash loves it. Singing time is dancing time for Cash. All the mothers there are cracked up to watch Cash dance to the songs. He's really pretty good at If You're Happy And You Know It. We always check out a few books and take part in their summer reading program and sometimes we even check out a movie for Cash. When we first moved here and tried storytime out, it made me think, "maybe it will be okay to live here".

The library also creates activity days for the kids to come to on Thursdays and provide lunch at the park. This week they had cool trucks and vehicles at the park for the kids to play in and go through. There was a police car, fire engine, National Guard Hummer, dumptruck, loader, etc. I thought Cash would love this stuff - he's always saying "tuck" when he sees the garbage truck come by - but he was terrified the whole time we were at the activity. Other children would honk the horns or make the sirens go off and this made him nervous. He had a death grip on me and wouldn't let me set him down by a vehicle to get a picture. This is the only one I got of him in the police car and as you can see, he's hurrying to get out of it (he normally loves to sit in our car to play with the steering wheel - oh well).

Next Thursday they are having a petting zoo at the park. Hopefully Cash will like that better.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our 4th of July

We had such a great weekend!!! My mom and step-dad came up to see the kids, the house and spend the holiday with us. It was so nice to see them. Of course I had been looking forward to it for weeks. We spent our time visiting when my mom and Tab got here Thursday evening.

Friday was a fun filled day: 8:00 - yummy breakfast; 10:00 - Weiser parade (which was the smallest parade I've ever seen - and I'm from Lava) where Cash got to give Uncle Sam a five; 11:00 - free bbq at the Weiser Veteran's Park; 12:00 - jet flyover at the Weiser Veteran's Park. This was so neat. The jets flew right above us at only 500 feet - you could feel them fly by. Cash was amazed and made jet sounds the whole way home while waving his hand in the air.

We had our own fun, naps and bbq at home then headed back to Weiser where we watched a pretty good display of fireworks at the golf course.

Ty had to go back to work on Saturday so we loaded the kids up in the car and we all took a drive around Ontario, Fruitland, Payette and finally Weiser where we went to see Ty and show my parents around BI-MART. My stepdad is a big fisherman (so he and Ty get along magnificently)so after our tour of the towns we drove to Brownlee reservoir. It's really nice - I'm sure those two will be making themselves a trip there before too long. That night we played games and did our own fireworks that Grandpa bought Cash.

Today we all went to church where my parents met several of our new ward members and friends. And then it was dinner and goodbye. It's always so hard to say goodbye to them - I hate being so far away.

It was a weekend full of family, fun, food, and fireworks. It couldn't have been better. I'm so grateful for this amazing country and for my mom and step-dad and for their love and support. Love you guys!


Our yard had been hydro-seeded and when we moved into our house the yard was just starting to take shape. The grass was beginning to show itself and of course the weeds had announced themselves spectacularly. There were also lots of sharp rocks in the yard as well as some nails and small chunks of cement that were leftovers from the builders I guess. Although mature grass would have likely covered up many of the rocks, we wanted the kids to be able to walk around the yard without their little feet getting hurt. So we set to work and spent hours pulling weeds and picking those rocks out of the yard.

It seemed as soon as the weeds were pulled they would make their appearance again so we gave up on them - figuring that when we mowed the lawn they would be taken care of so we focused on the rockpicking. Cash has been my little helper in the yard - he particularly liked helping me with the rocks.

We fertilized the yard about a week and a half ago and what a difference it made. It helped the grass to grow much quicker and made the grass a dark green color. It looks much fuller and much better so we decided it was time to make another purchase (we've been making a lot of those lately).....

...OUR FIRST LAWNMOWER! And who's that stud behind the wheels?! I know you're thinking: she's crazy to be excited for a lawnmower but I am! First of all, we've decided the lawnmowing will be Ty's job (so I got out of the hard stuff) and second of all, we've never had to take care of our own yard and are anxious to do that kind of work and take pride in a nice yard.

We also got a weed-wacker. I think it made Ty feel like a man to do a little physical work with a loud obnoxious tool...machine...whatever you want to call it. Cash wouldn't go near the thing (better for saftey anyway) because it was so loud.

We still have much work ahead of us but we are looking forward to it!