Monday, February 23, 2009


The other morning I put Vanna in an outfit that my mother had given me. She'd saved it and told me I wore it when I was a baby. Unfortunately, I waited a bit too long to try it on Vanna. It was a bit small but while I was getting Vanna dressed I could invision my mother going through the exact same experience with me:

Vanna hates getting dressed, and now that she can get around much easier, she also hates holding still. It's always a bit of a fight to get her dressed in the mornings (I wish she would figure out that it takes longer to get her dressed when she fights me than if she'd just hold still:).

The whole experience was like I was seeing de-ja-voo for my mom. She probably went through the same thing around 24 years ago with me. So mom, these pictures are for you (do you recognize the outfit?):

Awww...the memories!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Up Close & Personal

Vanna has four teeth now. She has both her front top teeth and her front bottom teeth. It was almost impossible to get a picture of them though, for more than one reason. Now that she is more mobile she doesn't hold still long. She's also a very curious and determined little girl so once she figured out I had something "flashy" in my hand there was no stopping the little rugrat from grabbing at the camera - so enjoy some very up close and personal pictures.

See those little pearly whites?! And big beautiful blue eyes too I might add?!

You'll laugh at this one but it was so hard to get a pix of the top ones. In this picture, Vanna's 4th tooth had just broken through but now, about a week later, her two top teeth are really visible. I think teeth change the looks of a baby a bit so as more and more come I'm anxious to see how our little Vanna will change.

Vanna's always been good at getting her way but before, I could lay her down and get something done because she couldn't follow me. Now, she's always at my feet tugging on my pants and begging for more attention or to be held. Ty thinks our kids are spoiled because usually I give in and eventually Vanna gets what she wants - again!

Vanna really is growing so much so fast. She's all over the place now, pulling herself up to things and is just now becoming more of a daredevil as she tries moving along the furniture she's holding onto or as she tries letting go to walk (although I don't think she's anywhere near walking quite yet). As you saw, she has four little teeth, she's clapping, telling stories, dancing, etc. What a fun age!!!

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day we swapped kids with a cute couple in our ward and gave eachother a date. Yep - Ty and I went on a date - just him and me - I know it's hard to believe!

Our very first date was on Valentines Day six years ago. In honor of that memory (I guess you could say) we went to dinner at Wingers - the same place we went that exciting day six years ago. Then we went to the theater and watched a movie which we haven't done for a very long time - what am I saying - we haven't gone on a date for a very long time. Although I love my kids and spending time with them, it was so nice to just be with my sweetheart. We had a great time! Ooo - I just love Ty to death and appreciate all he does for me and our family.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Who knew this could be so fun?! A good friend of mine here in Payette has invited me over a couple times to bead (make fun jewelry with her huge bead collection). She works on her projects (usually gifts to other people) and is sweet to offer all her supplies for me to try and create something in return for company and chatter (I feel bad and have to pay her back somehow so I watch her kids for a couple hours here and there in return too).
Here's a picture of some tiny bracelets I made Vanna! They really do look darling on her. I made a pink one, purple one, blue one, pearl one and multi colored one. With those colors she should be covered and have a bracelet to match most any outfit.

My camera wasn't cooperating real well so it was hard to get a pix of each bracelet up close to turn out but I finally got this closer picture of a couple.

I've also made a few sets of adult necklaces (long and short) with their matching bracelets and sometimes even with matching earrings too. It has been fun learning about and doing something I've never done before (never even thought of doing before) and my little projects are actually turning out so that makes it even better. I'm excited to doll Vanna up in her little outfits with matching bracelets!