Monday, May 16, 2011

Not Again!

Not even a year ago Ty sprained his ankle badly playing church basketball (that looked similar to below)- well - it has happened AGAIN, only this time while playing softball (and it looks much worse). Ty started playing on a men's city league softball team a couple weeks ago - we were so excited to watch him! And at his first game, first at bat, as he ran to 2nd base he sprained his ankle. Of course he played on it the rest of the game without telling anyone what he'd done and when he got home - this is what his ankle looked like:
Looks pretty bad huh!? I thought surely something was broken but Ty didn't think so. Now two weeks later most of the bruising is gone except in his upper calf (just below his knee) and most of the swelling is gone.
And as I speak (or rather, type this post) Ty is at the store buying tape - he plans on taping his ankle and wearing his ankle braces for tomorrow's game. Ahhh - I don't know if he should play but what do you tell a 32 year old boy at heart who just can't resist playing ball!?