Friday, November 23, 2012


We had a FUN FILLED Halloween this year (as per usual :)!   As you can see - Cash wanted to be G.I.-Jo (complete with facial hair and everything :), Vanna was a beautiful mermaid (and even got to wear make-up!) and Rosie was our darling lady bug (warm and "snug as a bug":).   The kids were in their costumes all day because they each had a costume party at school they could dress up for. 
After school, we had lunch and then headed to a Halloween party our friends invited us to.  They went all out with their costumes, decorations (even had their lights hooked up to the music that made them flicker with the beat) and their food - look at these gross "worms" Vanna was eating.   It was a lot of fun! 

The only down side to the party was that Rosie got her first real owey. She got too close to one of their in-door cats. Rosie didn't even touch the thing but she must have invaded her bubble or something - just as I reached to grab Rosie away from the cat, the cat swatted her and caught her under her right eye, by her nose, with its claw. I hope it doesn't scar dang it!
The kids were completely tuckered out by the time we left the party so we brought them home to take a quick nap before going trick-or-treating.  We always like to go around to our sweet neighbors before we head over to the Ward Trunk-or-Treat.  So after a short nap, we woke the kids to make their rounds. 
We thoroughly enjoy the area in which we live!  We have such good relationships with all our neighbors who are just so thoughtful and sweet.  They all seem to adore the kids and spoil them to death.  We had one neighbor call a few days before Halloween just to make sure we were bringing the kids over to get some candy -  she loves to see their costumes each year.  Another neighbor called to let us know she'd hung some bags of candy on our front door for the kids because she wasn't going to be around Halloween night and didn't want them to think she'd forgotten about them.  And another older couple stopped by to treat the kids with their own special bags of goodies (restraurant gift certificates, a roll of nickles, pencils, candy, etc.) - I couldn't believe it!  We're just glad we can make them smile and brighten their day by stopping by.

You might think it's strange that the kids have their pillowcases - let me explain.  A tradition we have is that the kids sleep with their Halloween pillowcases throughout the month and then they use them to collect their candy in on Halloween night. It's been a fun thing to do!

One of our neighbors has this awesome Boise State lit tree in her entry that we all love - we had to pose in front of it! :)

After hitting the neighborhood, we headed to our Ward's Trunk-or-Treat where we were able to visit with good friends and where the kids got even more candy. 

Even though Halloween isn't necessarily my favorite holiday, I DO love to see little ones in their adorable costumes, I DO love to dress up the kids, and let's face it, I DO love me some good candy! :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Whirlwind Weekend

Ty's youngest brother, Chase, got married the end of October in Salt Lake City.  We were grateful we could go to share in such a special day with him.  We headed to Utah on Friday and enjoyed a little time with my oldest brother, Travis, and his family in Lehi.  It was so good to see them - our visits are never long enough.  We then headed back up to SL to check into our hotel and spend the night out on the town. :)
That night we ate out at the Cheesecake Factory with Ty's family.  I had never eaten there before - it was yummy and their cheesecake (which is my favorite dessert) is to die for - mmm.  Afterwards, we took the kids to an inside playgym to burn off some of their energy.  They were having so much fun playing with their cousins.  This was the first they'd all been together in more than two years I think.

Vanna and Sicaly were connected at the hip that night.  She was delighted with her new little playmate.

Ty and his older brother Trevor - in charge of the babies. :)
We also took a walk through Salt Lake's outdoor mall.  Ooo, it's a good thing we didn't have a lot of time or I'm sure I could have found a way to spend some serious money at all those lovely stores!  Throughout the mall there's fountains and water displays with fish in them - the kids couldn't get enough!

The next day was Chase's big day - October 27th.  We all got ready and headed over to the temple to enjoy Chase and Brooke's wedding ceremony.  The sealer did a beautiful job and gave them such wonderful advice for a happy marriage.  It was a good reminder of what's important and the things we should hold dear and work on in our marriages to make them a success.  And as I was sitting there listening to his wisdom, I looked around and made a mental note not to never forget that moment because I imagine that heaven will be much like it was there in that room that day.  The Spirit was very strong, Ty's parents and grandma and each of Ty's siblings and spouses were in attendance, along with many of their relatives.  And I thought: it isn't everyone's blessing to have their whole family be worthy and able to attend your wedding.  I'm sure it meant a lot to Chase and Brooke that so many could share in such a special day for them.
After the ceremony, we took the kids outside to wait for the newlyweds to exit the temple.  On their own they all starting playing Ring Around The Rosie.  It was absolutely darling seeing all these little girls and boys, all dressed up, twirling around in a big circle.

 It was a beautiful day, not only because of the occasion but the weather was unusally perfect.  This time of year, you never know what you might run into in SL but it was warm and sunny with no wind - the beautiful couple couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

A picture of our side of the family!
Later that night there was a reception in Salem where Brooke is from.  It was decorated uniquely and beautifully. 
We were fortunate not to have to stand in line so we all sat together and simply enjoyed catching up with one another.  The kids simply enjoyed playing with one another.  Well...all except for this one...

Cash got a hold of his Uncle Zak's cell phone and played Angry Birds and didn't move from this spot until the phone died (about 2 hours).  We don't have cell phones or Angry Birds so apparently the kid is deprived and would rather play it than play with all his cousins.  Crazy!  It sure made keeping track of him easy though.

This is what the girls found.  They were just in heaven - big fancy dresses, new pretty hairbows, magical wands, and a beautiful carriage to play in - not to mention all the cookies and sweets they devoured at the reception. 

After a long and full day, we made our way back to SL to catch some zzzz.  The following day, we made our way to Temple Square to walk through the Visitor's Center and for a tour of the Conference Center.

It was a whirlwind trip (a lot piled into three days) but a beautiful and wonderful one as well.  We look forward to all getting together again soon as we'll be spending Thanksgiving with Ty's family as well.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Family Pictures - I'm So Excited!!!

We got family pictures taken the end of September and I'm so excited about them!  An update was long overdue (we hadn't had family pictures since Vanna was a new baby)!  RaChelle was so patient with us (it was difficult waiting for the baby to look at the camera and smile as you can imagine).  We were so pleased with the way the pictures turned out - she did such a great job for us (find her at RaChelle Lee Photography)!
I'll warn you ahead of time - this is one of those bragging posts you probably don't love but I just have to!:)  Here's a few of my favorites:

Awww...don't we make a great couple! :)

I'm gushing over here - I just love this one of the three munchkins!

My handsome trouble maker! 

Cash with his "best buddy"!
Had to show you this one - shows a child's true opinion about getting their picture taken (Vanna yawning, Cash pulling faces).

Beautiful girl!

Isn't she precious!?

Love how our photographer does this - takes another of our shots and places in this frame (that was empty as we were holding it in the actual session).  Love the fall colors around us too!

Playing baseball - with a stick. :)

Classic girl - twirling in her skirt. :)

Looks like a good secret right!?
And last of all - one of my absolute favorites (another favorite still to come in Christmas cards - didn't want to spoil it yet) -  
Bazil Family - 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Boise Temple Open House

For over a year now, the Boise, ID temple has been closed for extensive renovations.  In late September it was opened for Open House tours.  We were excited about the opportunity to take the kids to tour the temple so a couple weeks ago, on October 17th, we went as a family to the Boise Temple Open House. 
We had talked a lot about the importance of temples, etc. with the kids in Family Home Evenings leading up to that week and explained what a special occasion this was.  And I had been praying that the kids would behave and be reverent while in the temple so that they could feel how special and sacred the House of the Lord is.  
Throughout the tour, Rosie of course wanted to get down, crawl, and explore like any baby her age would but all in all she did very well.  And Cash and Vanna did just fantastic - I could not have been more pleased with them.  
After the tour, we took pictures and then went out to eat at a "nice restaurant" (which we don't always do with the kids :) and while we ate we discussed the things we saw, discussed our feelings, and again emphasized the importance of temples and the blessing they are in our lives.  It really was a special night I know I'll always remember.  And I'm grateful we had that opportunity to share in that experience with our kids.

When I look at this picture I get a bit teary-eyed because THIS to me is why temples are so important and why they are such a blessing - they provide the way for eternal families and for this I am incredibly grateful. 
We are taught that with every temple that is built on the earth, the power of Satan is decreased.  I know that there is great power in the temple.  There we learn so much and receive much knowledge that empowers me - helps put things in proper perspective and helps me focus on what's important.  When I attend the temple I also feel empowered in the way that I am better able to resist temptation.  I am grateful for the power that temples provide me personally.
We are also taught that temples are where Heaven meets Earth.  I am grateful for the peace I feel when I'm at the temple, for the closeness I feel to our Father in Heaven and Savior when I'm there.  These help to re-energize and strengthen me to allow me to face my challenges and all that is around us in the world today.   
For these reasons and more, I am eternally grateful that the gospel has been restored, that we have temples on the earth today and so near to us to attend, and that through them and the holy priesthood, we can have our families forever!

Those Darn Puppy-dog Eyes

We have had an incredibly busy month and it began the first weekend of October when we made a trip to Richmond UT to see our niece Hallee's baptism.  This was a very short but very nice visit with Ty's sister and her family.  We stayed Friday night with them and then attended Hallee's baptism Saturday morning.  We then shared in a nice luncheon to follow.  We are so happy for Hallee and so very grateful for her example to our own children!

Later that same day, we made our way to Rigby, ID where we had another special occasion to attend the next day.  So on Sunday Ty's brother, Nick,  blessed their first baby, Case - who is absolutely adorable.  The kids had grown a bit attached to Uncle Nick while staying with Grandma and Grandpa in Rigby last year while I was on bedrest and they felt especially excited for him to have a baby -  they love their new cousin Case.  Funny thing to remember:  When I first told Vanna the news that Nick and Haley had had their baby, she said, "I wonder what Uncle Nick will look like now!"  I guess in her eyes, now that Nick was a daddy he'd look different. :) 
We had a luncheon at Nick and Haley's house following the blessing and as soon as we got there, Nick took the kids to their garage to show them their puppies.  Nick and Haley's dogs have had several litters and they usually tease us about getting a puppy but this time around Nick was really pushing the idea and had the kids convinced that they were going home with pups.  In fact, in the car on the way to Rigby, Cash said, "I can't wait to get my puppy!"  Because we knew the kids would ask for one, I talked the idea over with Ty before hand and confirmed our decision with him again before we even headed over to the luncheon.  I said to Ty, "Now we're on the same page right?  We're not getting a puppy!"  He said, "Right, we're on the same page!" 
Well, as you can see below, that page has turned!!!
After seeing the kids playing with their favorite puppies and seeing how much they loved them, my heart began to melt and when they asked if they could have them - I couldn't say no and so then we started working on Ty (who was completely surprised I gave in so easily :).  It didn't take long to win him over either the newest members of our family...
...little Shiver -
As soon as Nick showed the kids the puppies, Cash latched on to Shiver and never put her down.  He went around telling everyone, "This is my new puppy!" , and had her named before he even knew for sure that we would be taking her home.  He named her Shiver because she is always shivering. :)
...and this not so little guy is Catcher -
Like Cash, Vanna got attached to Catcher from the beginning and never changed her mind about which puppy she loved most.  She named him Catcher because he's always hard to catch.
As it turned out, Shiver was the runt of the litter and Catcher was the biggest of the litter so they don't even look like they're brother and sister.  I also find it funny that Cash picked a little girl pup that seems to have a similar disposition to Vanna (pretty relaxed but can be a bit fiesty) and Vanna picked a boy pup that seems to have a similar disposition to Cash (high energy and never wants to stop playing). 

So we might be crazy but we decided, "Why not!" and came home with not one but two puppies!  YOu have to admit - they are darn cute!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It's that time of year again and we've been busy cleaning up the garden, raking leaves, and all other things in regard to fall yardwork.  Rosie always has to be right in the middle of it too!  She always loves to be outside and explore.  This particular day she found out what dirt tasted like!

Who says girls can't love dirt too?!
Another funny sidenote:  When Rosie is outside, one of the first things she goes for is the rocks that surround the outside of our house.  She usually picks one up, licks it, puts it down and repeats the process with many more. 


We signed Vanna up for dance!  She is really enjoying it!  We thought it was time - she has watched Cash participate in sports and has so patiently waited until we thought she was old enough to be involved in something herself.  When we told her that dance classes were about to begin and that she could participate in dance if she'd like, she squealed and bubbled over with joy.  Even Cash wanted to join dance classes and he'd do very well at them I'm sure (he's always coming up with his own clogging dances and break-dancing type moves) but because he's such a natural at almost everything he does, and because he is extremely competetive, we thought it best to let Vanna dive into dance on her own rather than have to try to keep up and compete with her big brother.  We just want her to be able to try something that is fun and special for just her alone and enjoy it. 

I've been happy we made that decision.  It's all about Vanna when we go to dance class - she's making friends and having a ball!  It's fun to watch her.
She's learned several simple fun little dances appropriate for little girls her age but two in particular are my favorites.  1) Funky Chicken - below you'll see a picture where I tried to capture Vanna shakin' her little bottom but I just couldn't catch it.  I just love it - the way she gets down:).  2) I'm Bringin' Home A Baby Bumblebee.  Years ago, my dad was quite the performer (he has a beautiful voice and talent for singing) and when I was little, he used to call me up to the stage to sing with him and this is the song he always requested. It always brings back memories whenever I hear the little song and Vanna loved to hear that story when I told her about it.
Vanna has her first little recital in December and they're working on a Little Red Riding Hood number for that.  I'm sure it will be absolutely adorable!