Friday, February 17, 2012

WaCkY hAiR

You may not have been able to tell by previous pictures, but Rosalie has an entire head full of blonde hair.  We love it!!!

And Ty likes to pull stunts like this with it...

Happy Baby!

I had to tame it down later (which can actually be hard to do since the back of her hair has such a mind of it's own:). We had a Dr. apptoinment to go to and I couldn't have her looking too wacky :)...

Vanna has had some wacky hair too.  I did her hair in three tight knots, in the front, the other day and when I took them out the following day, this is what it looked like...

Gotta' love our girls!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Rosalie's Blessing - February 5, 2012

We had such a wonderful weekend with family that came to support us for Rosalie's blessing!!! 

Ty's family came into town on Saturday and we enjoyed dinner and visiting with them.  Then we went back to their hotel for all the cousins to play in the pool.  Cash and Vanna LOVE their cousins and had such a good time with them.  They all seem to get along so well with one another and play so well together.  Cash (the only boy among them:) was so encouraged to show off and say silly things around all those giggling girls.  We had to calm him down a bit a time or two but it was so fun to hear all their laughter and see them having such a good time!

Following the dinner we had just after the blessing, they all had to leave. We were sorry to see them all go so soon (the kids kept asking if they could go to their cousin's house now to play - I wish it were that easy) and can't wait to make visits down to see them now. 

Ty's family that could make it to the blessing, from left to right and back to front:  Hailey & Nick, Chase, Orillia & James, Zak and Marcy - Erica, Rosalie & Ty - Blyss, Cash, Hallee, Vanna & Sicaly.

 My family got into town Saturday night and stayed through Sunday as well.  They didn't want to miss the Superbowl while driving home right? :)  So after dinner, we just relaxed, munched on lots of goodies and watched football.  We had a great time visiting with them too and, of course, were sorry to see them go Monday morning too.

My family that could make it to the blessing from left to right, back to front: Tab & Mom, Amanda & Josh - Cash, Erica, Rosalie, Ty & Vanna

It was just so wonderful to have so much support for such a special day.  It was such a sacrifice for our family to come - they all had to drive so far for such a short trip - but it meant the world to us that they did.  We love and appreciate them all so much!

The Spirit was just so strong Sunday.  It really hit me as all of those that were asked to join in the blessing, stood - all the men in their suits - and walked to the front of the chapel to bless Rosalie.  Ty did such a beautiful job with Rosalie's blessing too.  I've always felt his blessings are just perfect and Rosie's was no different.  At times like that, I am always reminded of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband, and how blessed our children are to have such a great dad, who worthily holds the priesthood and has the authority to perform such beautiful blessings for our children.  I often think of the teachings of President Uchtdorf when he says that the way to spell love, is T-I-M-E.  I'm so grateful for a husband who wants to spend time with me and the children - a true family man.  He provides, protects and presides over us and our home so well - we just couldn't be more blessed. 

My heart was just overflowing with gratitude throughout the entire day in regard to family - our own little family, and extended family and particularly, for this angel....... 

What a wonderful day it was!!!

A couple things to remember about this day too include:

- Rosalie did so well throughout the blessing - she slept right through it and didn't make a peep.

-Just after I put Rosalie in her blessing dress, I fed her right before church started to try and make her as content as possible for her blessing.  Then I had Ty burp her while I quickly finished getting ready.  Rosie did burp and spit up all over the front of Ty's white dress shirt.  He had to change real quick before we left for church.

-When I put Rosie in her blessing dress, and Cash first laid eyes on her, he said, "She looks like a bride." :)