Saturday, December 21, 2013


Ty, Erica, Cash, Vanna, and Rosie

Happy Halloween!

Halloween and the events around it were very fun this year.  We were so busy with them though that we never even got around to carving pumpkins.  We had  pumpkins thanks to these events and kids' school field trips to pumpkin patches but we didn't do anything with them until I made the kids run out and draw faces on them with permanent marker the day of Halloween!  Ha Ha's what we were up to:
Ty's birthday is October 25th (and he turned 35 - had to sneak that in there ;) and he shares his birthday with His dad - we often try to celebrate together for that reason.  This year Ty had his birthday and that weekend off and  the kids had several days around the weekend off from school so we made our way down to Rigby just before Halloween for a visit and to celebrate. 
On our way down, we stopped in McCammon to visit Russell and the boys.  It really kind of eats at me that we can't be closer for them, to see them more and support them but I hope we made up for it a bit with our visit.  We got all caught up on Russ and Roger's hunting adventures and got to see their autographed Boise State football cards (they'd just been to a game where they got to associate with the players a bit and their families - so fun!).   And it sure brought a smile to our faces when Dawson and Mitchell got into their awesome Transformer costumes to show off.  Roger didn't want a costume this year - I guess he's too cool for that sort of thing. :)   It was just so good to see each of them, and to see them happy, for our kids to get to play around with the boys and for us all to have a good visit.  We love them all to pieces!
Dawson is Optimus Prime and Mitchell is Bumble Bee!

After our visit with Russ and the boys, we made our way to Rigby just in time to meet up with everyone (Ty's parents and Ty's brother Nick with his family) and head to dinner at Sizzlers in celebration of James and Ty's birthdays.  Sizzlers is a family favorite and Ty's dad was craving a good steak - it was very yummy! 

And afterwards we had cake and ice cream.  Ty's mom had made a delicious chocolate cake and I brought a fun flower candle that lights up like a firecracker, open up/blooms and plays the Happy Birthday song.  It was the perfect end to their fun birthday!
It always does us so much good when we go down to visit.  We love being on the farm and especially love seeing so much family.  Ty's brother, Nick comes to help at the barn most every day so we always get to see him.  My kids adore him - I think they grew a little attached to him when they saw him so much while they stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Bazil a lot when I was on bed rest with Rosie.   I think they love to play with his dogs too.  We usually get to see Nick's family too - we love to be around them - they're so down to earth and friendly.  During our visit, we went to see Nick and Haley's basement they just finished and it's sooo nice.  I have to admit, Ty and I were a bit jealous - to have two levels or a basement would be so nice for so many reasons! Now that Ty's sister, Marcy, and her family moved back to Rigby we get to see lots of family when we come down.  And our kids love playing with all their cousins.  We love Case who is a big as Rosie but half her age :) and Cash and Vanna get along so well and play so well with Hallee, Blyss and Sicaly.  As parents we found it a bit ironic that what kept them most entertained was playing school.  Hallee was the principal I think, Blyss was the teacher and everyone else were the students, if I remember right.  It was so funny listening to them pretend.  They also liked drawing/coloring.  You can see them below fully enjoying Grandma's stencil and marker stash. Needless to say, the kids had a great time - we all had a great time and can't wait to make our way back down there again!
As much as we hate to say good-bye to family, and as much as we like a break from school, etc. it is also nice to get home and get back into the regular swing of things.  I'm a girl that likes her routine.  Just after our break from school, we went to a fun Kindergarten Harvest party that the school put on.  It was fun - complete with a jump house, face painting, pumpkin carving, frosting cookies, and hayrides...
It was a bit chilly but we kept warm under the blanket Ty ran to get out of the van - thanks hun!

If you couldn't tell, Vanna was a mermaid, Rosie was a little pirate and Cash was a J.I.-Jo.  Look familiar?  The kids' costumes still fit them from last year and Rosie's is one of Vanna's old ones.  So we lucked out and didn't have to buy any of our kids costumes this year - and you know what?  They didn't mind a bit! 
Each of the kids had Halloween parties that they had a great time with.  I went and helped with a game for Cash's class and checked in with Vanna in her class too.  They all had fun later that night at our ward Trunk R Treat too.  It was so darling to see the light kind of go off in Rosie's mind as she realized, "all I have to do is hold my bucket out and these people will give me candy?...Awesome!"  She figured it out pretty quick and thought it was the best night of her little life.  It was so fun to watch.  We were so busy that day that we didn't make it to our neighbors (and it was a school night so we called it good a little earlier than we might have otherwise) but they were so sweet - we had many bring by treats and even small gift bags full of toys and treats that they had saved just for the kids.  I felt bad we didn't make it to them that night because I think they love to see the kids all dressed up.  We really have such great neighbors!
So...our weekend before the holiday and our holiday were great and brought some fun and happiness into the month.  Now we are already looking forward to Thanksgiving which is just around the corner (it just seems like time is going so quickly - I find it hard to believe we're already at this time of year!)!