Monday, December 28, 2009


Well, Christmas was wonderful again this year. We were a little sad that we weren' t going to be seeing family around the holiday but really it still turned out to be a great holiday for our family. I've decided that Christmas is much more fun with little kids. I remember when it was just Ty and myself, it seemed a little boring after a quick Christmas morning so we'd quickly run off to visit family in the afternoon. But this year the kids made it so fun. Christmas Eve we spent the evening getting excited for the following morning - we got we wrote our little letter to Santa to put with our brownies and milk and had them laid out for Santa by the fireplace. Then we each opened one present that night (which was always a tradition in both my family and Ty's). It turned out that the kids picked one of their presents from Grandma and Grandpa Bazil which were Pillow Pets. They are little pillows in the shape of stuffed animals kind of (hard to explain) but they are so cute and so soft. So that is what the kids cuddled with while we read a Christmas story before bed. Ty and I played Santa's little helpers for about 3 1/2 hrs. and got a couple hours sleep before the kids woke us up (thankfully not until about 8:30am).

They were plenty surprised to see what Santa had left them. Vanna kept saying wo...wo in her cute little way. This year we decided to get them one larger gift (really because when else do you have an exuse to get something kind of big?) rather than a bunch of little things (that I would get to pick up several times a day, everyday) so we got Cash a battery operated four-wheeler and Vanna a kitchen. Their daddy also got them each a little gift: Vanna a dollie stroller and Cash a Spiderman fishing tackle box. They each got a new outfit and some new books and stocking stuffers (umbrellas, movies, and candy etc.). They were so happy with their new gifts. It was fun explaining that we give gifts at CHRISTmas time to help us remember the Christmas story and all the gifts that our Savior has given us. We keep putting these plugs in and hope we can always keep the real meaning of Christmas in our holiday.

Ty and I spoiled ourselves this year with....

...a new bedroom. We actually saw our bedroom set for a great price a couple months ago and couldn't pass it up since we knew we'd be getting it anyway. Once we got that and the new bedding, I knew what colors I was going to work with and finally put a few things on the wall and got a rug to go with it all. This next summer we plan on painting (in the shade of a deep bluish gray color found in the rug) and putting up some decorative trim on the walls. Ty got a leather jacket to wear while he rides his bike and he got me the chair massager that you see on the chair in the above picture (he said he got me that so that I'll stop asking him to rub my back all the time :). We each got some clothes and stocking stuffers as well. We also got some board games (which we're so excited to start using since we hardly had any to play before) and some much needed utensils and kitchen knives from family - among other things. We thought we were cutting back a little this year (well, except for the bedroom - but we planned on doing it anyway, Christmas was just a good excuse for it) but when you add up what family gives you we were simply spoiled rotten again.

We had a yummy breakfast and took the rest of the day kind of easy until that evening when we shared Christmas dinner with a couple families we had over. They are some of our dearest friends here in Payette and both families are moving. We're so sad to see them go. None of us have family nearby and weren't going to see family for the holiday so we decided to get together for dinner. We're so glad we did because we had a great time. The kids got to play all together one last time after dinner while the grown-ups played games together. There was so much food and fun we were simply done in by the end of the night. But what a great holiday it turned out to be. One that we will always remember. How was yours? I can't wait to hear. And by the way - Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

and a Happy New Year!


The Bazils

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Funnies

I was going through old pictures (and a couple new) and got a case of the bad funnies when I came upon so many of these:

They all brought such a smile to my face. Gotta love 'em!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Spirit of Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving has been a little bit different for me. Of course at this time of year I always reflect upon my many, many blessings but I have learned this year, especially, that Thanksgiving is not just about a big turkey dinner and great football game.

I just finished a ten week parenting class (offered through BUY-I) in which we talked about different topics each week (such as "A House of Order", "How to Teach our Children to Feel/Recognize the Spirit", "Graditude"). The class was absolutley wonderful and I intend on taking the next "semester" starting in January. In our Gratitude class, we talked a lot about Thanksgiving and what a perfect holiday it is to set the tone and prepare us for the following holiday and in which we should reflect upon the Savior's birth - Christmas. Only through truly prepared, grateful hearts and minds can we be appreciate what His birth truly means and the blessing it is in our lives. In this new light my Thanksgiving was enjoyed so much more.

On top of that inspired message (thank you Sister Tanner), our Thanksgiving was made extra special by being able to visit our family. Early Thursday morning we set out for "Grandma and Grandpa's house". The kids were so excited. Cash usually doesn't wake up until around 8:30 am and even though we woke him at 6:30 am he was in such a hyper, excited mood because he knew where we were headed that day (for him to be anything other than groggy and cranky that early is somthing of a miracle). We arrived just in time for a delicious meal of none other than the traditional mashed potatoes and turkey. Delicious! We enjoyed the holiday with my younger brother and his fairly new bride. It was so good to see them and catch up.

The following day, we headed to Rigby to see Ty's family. His older brother, Trevor and his family, were up to bless their new baby Ryley whom we hadn't seen yet. All of Ty's family was able to attend and participate in the blessing - what a blessing in and of itself. Here's a pix of all the cousins on that side (minus the new baby):
Trustin, Aleynah, Cash, Vanna, Hallee, and Blyss

They played their little hearts out all day long. That night, we then headed back to Lava with my family, where on Saturday, we did various things - Ty and Cash and Grandpa went fishing, my mom helped me mend a couple things, the kids went for a four-wheeler ride and went sledding.

That night we got together with all my other siblings and had pizza and visited. It was so good to see everyone there too. Again, the kids played and played until...well, past the point of their heart's content.

All the cousins at the table enjoying their chow (minus my baby niece Lucy).
Jenna, Avery, Cash, Mtichell, Colton, Roger, Dawson, McKaydee, Vanna, and Sophia

Sunday, we went to Church with my parents, had dinner, and headed home. We were very fortunate to have good roads both down and back home. We just had a wonderful time! After a trip like that we truly realize our many blessings and are again so thankful for family! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sewing Frenzy

You might think the above to be an odd title when you take into consideration ...well, me! I don't sew. Other than the simple aprons my mom taught me to do for YW back in the day I've never really sewn anything. But somthing revolutionary has happened within the year and I've really starting taking an interest in the hobby. I finally have a desire to learn and am very anxious to learn how to do all these cute things I see - beacause I look at them and think "that doesn't look too difficult - I think I could pull that off". So I've taken upon myself a few projects: sewing some curtains for Vanna's room (with the help of my mom) and sewing some curtains for my dining room and family room (with the help of my wonderful neighbor). But just recently (again with the help of a very dear and talented friend - ANN) I accomplished the following:

New hooded towels for the kids.And my very first quilt! It turned out SOOO cute too. I made it for my ex-sister-in-law (I guess that's how I can identify her but she's still a great friend) and her new baby girl - Brooklynn. I liked it so much it was actually hard to part with. I guess I'll just have to make one for Vanna now too. The front was all different styles of flannel and the back was that super soft minky kind of stuff (I don't even know the name of it). Anyway, I'm so glad I started out with a baby quilt because I saw a finished product much sooner than if I had taken on a full fledged queen quilt. I was just happy I didn't ruin it and that it turned out. Thanks again to my great friend for all her teaching and help!

So I know what to ask Santa for Christmas next year - a sewing machine of my own (that sounds like a long ways off I know but we already got our Christmas this year-darn it). I can't wait to get started on more fun projects.

Friday, November 6, 2009

hApPy hAlLoWeEn!

What a fun weekend we had over Halloween. It was full of excitement as we all waited with great anticipation for Grandma and Grandpa to come. They arrived Friday evening, just in time for us to go to the ward Trunk or Treat. The weather was perfect and we had such a good turn out at the Trunk or Treat - it was so fun to see our friends and their kids' costumes. Here were my little characters - as pirates:

The kids saw their costumes come in the mail a couple weeks ago and got to put them on then. Since then they have been so excited to wear them. Cash kept saying, " I real pirate," and "argh!"

Do you see the mustache and chest hair. Loved those little touches, although you couldn't see them once we got the kids all dressed up for a little cooler weather.

Vanna was a pir-ette. Her little tu-tu and headband had little white skulls on it. She didn't quite know what to think about the outfit - and she definitely hated me doing her hair in lots of little ponies but doesn't she look adorable?!

These were Ty and Cash's pumpkins. I opted out this year - I know - party pooper. But these turned out cute and Cash loved doing the project with his Dad.

Saturday we got some projects done around the house that my mom helped me with (making a FHE plaque to hang on the wall and caulking between our countertops and travertine backsplashes). We also enjoyed a local pizza joint with the grandparents and then went Trick or Treating around the neighborhood. Most of our neighbors are older and adore the kids as if they were their own grandkids so that's fun. We even had some neighbors bring each of them over a bag of candy because they were just leaving their house and were afraid they'd miss their peak at the kids and their plea for more candy :). That neat we were treated to our Stake's Adult Session of Stake Conference while our parents watched the kids. This was a special occasion because our stake leadership was being reorganized and we were blessed with the opportunity to hear from Elder L. Tom Perry (of the Quorem of the Twelve Apostles) and Elder Chambers (of the Seventy) as they were on assignment to take care of the reorganization. How neat! Of course, we got more out of the Saturday night session than we did on Sunday with our little tikes keeping us busy. It was a great experience though.

My step-dad took my mom fishing Monday morning while I got a few things done around the house and then we chowed on Wingers that night. Grandma and Grandpa had to go home on Tuesday - much to the dissappointment of the kids (and I can't lie, me too). We had such a good visit with them and got such a kick out of Cash's facsination with everything Grandpa. Everywhere Grandpa went/did, Cash asked, "What doin' Grandpa?!" We hate to see our visitors go but now we can look forward to seeing the family on Thanksgiving. Yeah!