Monday, March 30, 2009


As you can see, I think I figured it out! Thanks anyway though!


Okay for some reason my little comment link (that shows at the bottom of your posts so people can comment) is no longer showing up on my blog. Does anyone know how to fix this? I must have messed something up in my settings and can't seem to find how to fix it. Help!!! I'm missing everyone's comments.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Vanna's hair... getting so long. I've always put hairbows in Vanna's hair since she was a newborn but now I can play a little more and also do clips and little ponies. It's a lot of fun, although, I think Vanna would disagree. She doesn't like it much when I tug at her hair to get it in a pony but she quickly forgets when we're finished - and I'm getting faster at it so that helps. Here's some pix of my first attempts:

Just an FYI: I've seen lots of other links for hairbows on friends' blogs but I have to put my plug in for my sister-in-law's hairbows. I think they are most adorable and most affordable. She prices hers just under any other prices I've seen and she has a great variety. Plus she does other things too. Check out her boutique link on my side bar - Lemon Drop Boutique.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Picasa - It's a Beautiful Thing

So we've been teased (all in good fun, of course) and even been the recipient of the title "cavemen" when we tell friends that we don't have cell phones or TV. It's funny but they are just things we don't really need right now. Ty is always telling me that he actually likes not being available 24-7. Hence the no cell phones. And don't get me wrong - we have a TV - and boy is it a TV - but we don't have cable or anything (we know we'd just end up wasting a lot of time watching it and a lot of what's on there is not what we want our kids watching so we just don't have it - for the time being anyway - Ty's starting to miss his sports).

ANYWAY, you might even add "clueless" to our list of titles when I admit I had never known about or used Picasa! I love it!

Our friends watched the kids a little while ago and snapped these pix for us. So I uploaded them and played around with them on Picasa. Here's what I came up with...

From One Mess To Another

Many of you know that I love to scrapbook. My goal this last week was to get caught up with the kids' books (it's harder keeping up with two now- what will I do when we have more kids?!). After getting out all of the pictures, the paper, the paper cutter, the cricut (which my friend let me borrow - among many other things), the scissors, the stamps, the embellishments, the pens, etc. it turns into quite a mess. For this reason, I've decided to keep it all to my craft table that I set up in Vanna's room rather than spread throughout the house (and there I can also close the door and keep the kids out of it - or at least try).

I kept trying to sneak a few minutes on a page here and there between the kids' naps but occasionally I could even sneak some time in when the kids were playing well together or when they were pre-occupied with books/toys/snacks. The other day I started on a couple of Vanna's pages while the kids snacked on a handful of Cherrios I'd given them. After a short time I realized they must have finished the Cherrios and be doing something else by now but I didn't know what - so I went to investigate. This is what I found...

Yes, Cash is only in his "big boy" underwear - we're potty training!

We'll post about that later!

...and this is only part of it! Cash had decided the handful of Cherrios I'd given him and Vanna to share was simply not enough. So not only did he get into the rest of the Cherrios, he'd also gotten into...not one...not two....not even three...but FOUR more bags of cereal and dumped them all out on the carpet! The kids were happy and content as could be - chowwing down on a variety of cereal - no wonder things were so quiet. So Cash had the pleasure of helping his mom pick up and salvage all the cereal we could but WHAT A MESS! There are worse things, however, so I had to chuckle and snap some photos. It seems that this experience perfectly describes my life right now - I'm always going from one mess to another.

I am, however, proud to announce that I AM caught up on their books and can now rest from that fun/chore for a few months - I hope! The books are really turning out cute.

Although this is a daily occurence, you guessed right. These pictures were taken the same day as all the above. Ahh!

Oh yeah, and here's another example of my kids' perfect messes. Vanna has found the toilet paper role in their bathroom and, of couse, is in high heaven. What a cute little stink :)! Kids - you gotta' love 'em!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sixth Picture

I've gotten several tags similar to this and thought I'd better do at least one of them (and after a pretty typical week I don't have anything else too exciting to blog about:)). I'm supposed to post the sixth picture from my sixth folder (and then tag six people).

You've seen this one before I think. Vanna has changed a bit since last summer huh?! What hasn't changed though - is that she always has something in her mouth. She likes chewing on her toys and putting anything she can find on the floor in her mouth. I really have to keep things picked up and clean. You have to enjoy each of those little stages though right?!