Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Quote

I was asked to speak in Church again (sure seems like I get that privilege often :) and of course found oodles of wonderful material but came across this quote that really struck me and thought I'd share:

Elder Richard G. Scott

God uses your faith to mold your character. Character is the manifestation of what you are becoming. Strong moral character results from consistent correct choices in the trials and testing of life. Your faith can guide you to those correct choices. Clearly, it is what you do and what you think about that determine what you are and what you will become. Therefore, the choices you make need to be inspired by the Lord. Others can encourage you to make the right decisions, but those choices must not be prescribed by them. You need to ponder, pray, and exercise faith to willingly make choices consistent with the teachings of the Master. Such choices are made with trust in things that are believed and when acted upon will be confirmed. Only enough guidance is given to lead you aright and not to weaken your growing character. That guidance will solidify your trust in Heavenly Father and the Savior.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Am I Missing Anything?!

WARNING: long post - playing catch-up again!

Spring Soccer Clinic - 2011

Cash was so excited when we went in to sign him up for this soccer clinic (where they actually teach them the basics of soccer before next year when they would be placed on a team to play against another team) and T-ball.  We walked into the Recreation Department Office and he waltzed straight up to the woman at the desk and announced, "I'm gonna play sports."

Our first go around of the clinic was great until the last 15 minutes where they actually got all the kids together for a scrimmage.  After a minute or two, Cash came running off the field in tears because "I can't get the ball - everyone is pushing me" and "I didn't even make a single goal".  He was so down and disappointed about it.  I'm afraid he thinks he's always got to have the ball and be the star of the show (because at our house, quite frankly he is) so when he all the sudden wasn't - he had a hard time.  We had to try to explain that everyone out there is just trying to learn how to play and all trying to get a chance to kick the ball - he just needed to get back in there and push your way toward the ball (all-be-it gently), just try hard and HAVE FUN!  Well, he came off the field again still upset so we ended up leaving a few minutes early before we had a huge melt-down in front of everyone. 

Week Two:  We had worked Cash up to prepare him for the soccer clinic this week - trying to remind him that we're not there to win (nobody loses for not scoring a goal), we're there to learn how to play soccer so we can play games when we're older AND TO HAVE FUN!  We told him that if he felt the same way about soccer as he did when he left the field last time, that maybe we just needed to wait another year when he's older before he's ready to try again  - to which he exclaimed, "No mom, I want to play!"  The clinic went great again but I was holding my breath for the scrimmage part at the end.  And just our luck, right as the scrimmage started a little boy (who I think thought he was playing football the entire time rather than soccer :) came out of nowhere and tackled Cash and just held him on the ground in something similar to a choke hold.  I thought surely this spelled disaster but Cash just kind of looked at the kid with that "what in the world are you doing" look and pushed him off and got back up to play.  He did much better at getting in the cluster of kids all chasing after the ball and even scored a goal - as luck would have it.  Success!  So glad this week went better than the last.  And so did the rest of the soccer clinic thank goodness.


Cash had his little Pre-school End-of the Year Program at the end of May and it was darling.  It was centered around a trip to the zoo and each kid had letter-parts about different animals (that started with different letters of the alphabet) they might see at the zoo, as well as lots of songs, etc.  Cash's parts were:

I: I is for iguana, slim and sleek.  The one in my hand made my mom go eeek!
J: J is for jaguar, with many a spot.  If it wasn't for his growl, I would like him a lot!

And at the end of the program Cash closed it up with his last part: Now that we've been to the zoo what do we say?  Good-bye, we'll be on our way. 

He worked so hard on his parts and had them perfectly memorized and performed them magnificently at the program.  When the program was finished the teacher had each kid come up to receive a certificate and for her to brag about each one.  So when Cash's name was called he walked up onto the stage so cool-like (I think he thought he was mighty important - it was so cute) and the teacher proceeded to tell everyone how happy Cash was, how he always has a smile on his face, how he always wants to play and have fun and how he has lots of friends and makes friends easily.  She nailed it!  That is exactly the way to describe Cash.  Anyway it was a lot of fun to see him perform, however, it's kind of sad to see him growing up so much!!


This spring has been so full of visits and visitors it's been amazing.  We have definitely had our cups filled and hope that it will last us throughout the remainder of the year when I'm sure visits will slow down.  Here's where we've been and who's been here:

March 10-13th  - Family trip down to Bazil home - Rigby, ID!
March 25-27th - Wilcox Family came to see us over their Spring Break!

Our great friends, the Wilcox family, moved from Payette last December and although we've kept in touch,we have missed them sorely.  We were so attached to eachother and our kids even more so than us as adults probably (so much so that Cash would pray for Rachel, Sammy, Lizzy in his daily prayers along with his actual family members :).  So it was so good to have a visit from them.  It seemed like the kids had never spent a day apart - they just picked up right where they'd left off.  It was fun! A picture of our whole clan (Cash, Sam, Rachel, Vanna, Lizzy, and George in the back). 

April 1-4th - Gunter Family came to see us over their Spring Break!

My sister and her boys came to see us over their Spring Break and it was a wonderful, laid back weekend.  It was General Conference weekend so we didn't necessarily do too much rather than lounge around on the couch a bit and enjoy Conference (throw in a couple pedicures, and great conversation re: Conference and life is good!) but we had a great time.  The kids all had such a good time playing together.  It was so good to have them!  Above - Dawson, Roger, Cash, Mitchell, and Vanna enjoying a movie night on Cash's bed.

April 9-10th - Uncle Josh came to visit!  My brother Josh has started up his own painting business in Pocatello and came to Boise for a Training.  It's always good to have him visit.  And he's so passionate and determined with his ideas, quite frankly it's inspiring to hear him talk about it (or anything for that matter).  We always have good conversation when he's around and it was just good to see him again!

April 22-26th - Family trip to Mendenall home for Easter- Lava Hot Springs, ID!

You already know all about our Easter from our previous post.  We spent it with my side of the family but we got to see much of Ty's family on our way down to Lava - while we were in Pocatello.  We also say my dad and his wife, and all my nieces and nephews and their families this trip - it was wonderful!

April 28-30th - Ussery Family came to visit!

Another of our favorite families moved from Payette last winter as well and we were so sad to see them go.  We've been able to keep in close touch with them though and it's always from to hear from them.  But this weekend was even better because they came to see us (on their way to Utah - what a long trip).  We're so glad they did.  It's different seeing how much their kids have grown in person rather than by picture.  The Ussery's may have an opportunity to make their way back down here and we are hoping and praying they do!!! (Jackson, Cash, Kate, Vanna, Lucy)

May 6-8th - Uncle Josh and Aunt Amanda come for a visit!  My brother Josh and his wife Amanda came back up to Boise for a concert and we were fortunate enough to have them stay with us.  We even talked them into staying another day so they could watch our kids (thankfully because I was in such a bind and couldn't find anyone to watch them) while I went to a Trek Training.  It was good to see them again and we're so grateful for their help whenever we need it.  The kids just love to play with them and hardly leave them alone the entire time they're here.  They climb all over Josh and are rather smitten with Amanda.  It's always great to have them in our home!

May 13-15th - Miller Family came to visit us!  Ty's sister, Marcy, and her family (husband Zak and kids Hallee, Blyss and Sicaly) came to visit for a couple days.  It was their first time up and it was so fun to watch the cousins play, to catch up as adults and just enjoy the nice weather.  Their visit just happened to fall on our town's Apple Blossom week where they hold tons of festivities.  So we planned to go to the parade and the carnival over the weekend.  

 Just after they got there, my kids showed their cousins how fun the dirt/weed patch is (where our garden will be soon).  Then mom showed the kids how fun it is to get sprayed off by the hose. :)

We went to the park to check out some of the town's festivities and the Car Show.  Cash and Blyss held hands and ran ahead of us - so cute - as we made our way down the street to find a place for the parade!

 The kids waiting with their bags, hoping to catch loads of candy when the parade starts.

I thought this was such a darling picture of Hallee and Blyss on the carasel.  Even this ride made me sick to my stomach.  You know, going to the carnival this year reminded me of many things I don't necessarily enjoy (circular or back and forth rides, crowds of crazies, and never-ending loud noise) but I did get my cotton candy and that makes it all worth it - almost :).  The kids had a pretty good time until they got worn out and by that time we were all us ready to get out of there. 

Vanna cracking a cheesy smile as here and Cash drove their little car around on one of the rides at the carnival.  There was a horn button in the car that she would not lay off of.  It was so funny!

May 23-30th - Bazil Family Vacation - Oregon Coast - more to come on that later!  Had such a great time!

June 3-4th - Pre-Trek - Ty and I were called as a Ma and Pa for our Stake's Pioneer Trek Program where we basically re-inact, in a small way, the Pioneer's Trek across the plains to the Salt Lake Valley.  This has kept us very busy in preparation for the Trek coming up here in another week and a half.  We've had trainings every month and lots to get ready and read in preparation.  This Pre-Trek was an overnighter for all the adults involved where we practiced everything we're going to have to do (pitch tarp tents, cook dutch oven, pack a handcart, etc.).  It should be a great experience and hopefully a very touching experinece for all the youth that are going.  Wish us luck!!!

So - can you say biz-zzzeeee!  We have so enjoyed all our visits and all that this spring has brought.  We are also looking forward to July - with the dawn of that month we believe things will slow down just a tad and a slower pace would be very welcome.  However, whenever any of you get the notion to stop by - feel free - you are truly welcome anytime and we would absolutely love it!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Easter 2011

Talk about playing catch up - we're still at Easter around here!   We had a great Easter this year and were lucky enough to have a five-day weekend (without having to use up any paid vacation time) and figured we had to take advantage of the opportunity so we went down to Lava to spend Easter with my family.  And it just so happened that on the day we were coming down, Ty's Aunt Julie was getting married in Pocatello so we stopped there for that.  It was so happy to see sweet Julie so happy - she deserves the best!  Of course Ty's parents also attended the wedding and we were thrilled to be able to see them and spend a couple hours with them!

Lava has a pretty big Easter celebration at the park where the kids can have fun for hours so we went down a bit early to check out the festivities.  Then we got ready for the hunt...

...waiting for their age group to be called...

...and they're off!

Vanna tried so hard but as soon as she'd come upon an egg to pick up - sure enough another kid snatched it right up from under her... Vanna is pouting because she only got one egg.  She was so disappointed!

Of course Cash had a basket that was overflowing with eggs so we asked him if he would share with his sister.  He consented and gave all the purple ones to Vanna :).

We had gone to the Easter Egg Hunt with my sister, Natalie, and her boys.  A picture of the bunch - already chowing on their goodies!

The next day was Easter and what a beautiful day it was!  The kids woke up to an Easter trail leading them to their treasures.  That Easter bunny sure is amazing - he doesn't miss anything - somehow he knew the kids were spending Easter with Grandma and Grandpa and delivered his goods to the kids there.  How does he do that?!

The kids each got a Color Wonders Paint set (love those things - no mess!), a new church outfit and the movie Tangled (which I think is darling btw).

We then went to Church where they had wonderful meetings.  Truly we have so much to be grateful for.  The sacrifice and love our Savior has displayed for us over and over again is amazing and what an incredible blessing the Ressurection is in our lives - all it signifies and means leaves me speechless.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity the resurrection provides in allowing me to be with my family forever! 

After church, Easter dinner and good naps, we were ready to dye eggs.  I think I overdid the kit this year and bought one that had sequines, beads, glitter, etc. for decorating - when the kids would have been completely content with the basic kit.  Lesson learned I guess.  Anyway - they had a great time.  It's fun to see them get creative with their eggs.  And I think Grandma had fun watching the kids - she had said, "We haven't done this in years" and I'm sure it was true. 

Over the weekend we were able to attend a cousin's birthday party (it was so good to see my brother and his family - we don't get to too often and what a good time!), see my dad and his wife, several other siblings (Tonya and Niki and their families - it was so fun to play with them; of course Natalie and her boys - my kids are always so entertained by those guys!; and my brother Josh too), and my  Grandma Marie and Aunt Annette.  A couple days before we came down my Grandma had a bad fall and cracked her pelvis.  So she wasn't feeling too well and my Mom was busy trying to take care of her.  I'm sure it was overwhelming for my Mom to have visitors through the whole ordeal so I'm grateful she was still so willing to have us.  BUT Grandma is doing much better now and we're happy to hear it!   The whole weekend was filled with the things and people that matter and we're so glad we were able to make the trip!!!