Friday, July 24, 2009

Mini Book of Rememberance

Sorry for the book this post turned out to be but I thought I'd simply post about a couple things so that I don't forget them (and so I can use what I've learned in the future):

Vanna's First Haircut:

Yes, we gave Vanna her first hair cut this week. She got bangs, her hair trimmed throughout and we snipped quite a bit off the back. Our good friend Angie did it and says that a good haircut can really help out a baby's hair and we just figured it was time. I think she looks more grown up :( but so cute!

No, Not Passionfruit - A Passion FOR Fruit:

My kids love love love fruit! Bananas, kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, apples, peaches, mandarin oranges - you name it - they just can't get enough (except cantalope pinapple and watermelon- weird I know). Here they are devouring some delicious strawberries and making quite a mess - which always seems to go along with a scrumptious snack. It's hard to tell in the pix but I have to add too that lately Cash totes his sunglasses around on his head all day long. He says "I lika Mommy" which just means he likes to wear them like Mommy when I go into the store and move them from my face to my head while indoors. He thinks he's so grown up.

Potty Training 101:

We've really been cracka lackin on the potty training this week. Some time ago Cash seemed to have it down pretty well but then reverted when he got sick and got diareaha (sp?). So I decided to do try this quick program a friend of mine told me about and I'm so proud of Cash for doing so well. He has finally gone stinky in the toilet, he goes into the bathroom to use it himself, and wakes up from his naps completely dry. The only thing we're struggling with is his waking up in the night to go. I've been sleeping next to his bed to listen for his restlessness and try to get him up to go, but he refuses. Last night, however, he actually got out of bed himself but of course, it was after he'd wet the bed. Oh well, it's progress.

Several things I've learned:
- kids will do it on their time
- be dedicated - you have to make it your priority- you don't go anywhere or do anything but pay attention to your kids' cues for a week or however long it takes - but it doesn't have to be a long drawn out process, kids can be successful in a short amount of time
- be consistent
- be positive - it's much more encouraging for your kids to be positive all the time - even when they do have an accident (this was kind of hard for me because Cash was having a hard time learning to go #2 in the potty-very discouraging-but now he's finally getting it)
- real underwear seem to work best (at least for us) - it's easier to realize they've had an accident
- lots of drinks help the whole thing out
- I learned it's better to tell your kids to "remember to tell Mommy when you need to go potty" instead of asking them if they need to go - Cash would always just tell me "No" and then go in his underwear right after - but by having him tell me when he needs to go, he's still in control
- when you see your kids begin to have an accident you should run them to the potty and let them finish in it so that they learn the signals themselves that they need to go and that when they feel those signals, they run to the potty to go there instead of in their underwear
- a reward system works
- patience is key
I'm sure I'll learn much more (hence the 101 - maybe next time it will be 102) but we're making progress and I hope to have it this over soon. Hopefully I can remember what worked with Cash and maybe I'll find it easier with Vanna (but don't they always say "every kid is different" - we'll see). Wish me luck and throw me any of your suggestions for potty training through the night!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Brave Little...Mother

Well, I made my first trip back to southeast Idaho - without Ty. I had planned on making the visit to spend some time with family and thought it would be a perfect time since Ty would be away to Scout Camp for a couple days. I was nervous about the car rides but the kids did pretty well actually. Vanna had a rough time on the way home for a while but, all in all, I don't think I could have expected any better. Although, it will be much nicer when Ty is with me again to make our trip back down there in another couple weeks.

While at my mom's we met up with my sister and her kids to go swimming at the big Lava Hot Springs Swimming Complex. Cash was kind of chicken and wanted to stay up on the steps of the pool most of the time. I finally coaxed him out into the pool area if he was in an intertube or riding "piggy-back". Vanna loved it - couldn't get enough. My mom and I did a little shopping at a couple of our favorite craft/home decor stores in Pocatello and we couldn't pass up the mall or Don Aslett's Cleaning Center either. Cash, of course, got to ride the four wheelers several times with his "gampa" too. I also lucked out and was able to make it to my soon-to-be sister-in-law's bridal shower. We are so excited for her and Josh - they get married Aug. 15th!

It was a busy little trip - apparently so busy I didn't have time for pictures unfortunately - but so fun! I can't wait to see my family again in August!
And so my mom can see what new little craft (besides scrapbooking) I've been working on...
I've made some of those large flower clips to go in these adorable crochet beanies. Since they're on clips you can change them out easily. I think they're adorable on our little darling! At first Vanna didn't know what to think of them - but she soon realized that they were "pretties" and began showing her true love for the dramatic.

And...other random 4th of July photos. We put the kids in their p.j.s so we could leave to see Weiser's fireworks as soon as we finished our own little stash. Cash insisted on dressing himself in Christmas socks and sandles to go with his p.j.s. Funny kid.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Does is seem like the weeks are flying by to anyone else this summer? I feel like I can hardly keep up - and it's only going to get busier in July and August (with three trips planned to see family, etc.).

I'm a little behind I guess but had to mention what we did last weekend while Ty was away for a Scout campout. It was Fiddle Festival week at Weiser so I took the kids to the activites last Friday for Kids Day At The Park. There were tons of booths with amazing varieties of treasures (a couple of which I just couldn't resist) that were fun to browse. Smokey the Bear was also there to whom Cash loved hugging. We took a ride in the fire truck, tried on firemen's clothes (just the weight of the hat alone almost knocked Cash down), played the drums with Indians, listened to some fiddlers, watched the mechanical bull buck off young boys, etc. It was very fun and wore the kids right out. But....I forgot my camera - dang it. So here's some pictures of other fun we've had over the past week or so, along with a couple random pix.

Kids playing in their new pool with some friends we had over.

It's been very warm here lately so fun in the pool and popsicles was our cure.

Vanna lounging in her favorite chair - in one of my favorite summer outfits.

Cash is lounging on the couch with his "wankees" while he watches part of a movie so that Mommy could scrapbook this past week .

My friend let me borrow her Cricut - which was awesome and so kind - so I thought I'd better take advantage of it while I could

and get caught up on the kids' books.