Monday, May 24, 2010

Apple Blossom - Take Two

This past weekend was Apple Blossom here in Payette. Ty had the weekend off and was able to enjoy the town's festivities with us this year which was great! They have a fun parade where the kids loaded up on candy. Vanna was an absolute sticky mess by the end of the parade - she couldn't shove that taffy in her mouth fast enough.

After the parade, we received a sweet invite to a bbq with friends and enjoyed the entire afternoon with them. We thought for certain the kids would be monsters while we were there as we were already getting passed their nap times but they did great and couldn't have had more fun playing with all the kids that were there. When we finally loaded them in the car to go home, they fell asleep within what seemed like seconds. They enjoyed a late nap which we thought would be perfect because we still had the carnival and fireworks to go to.

Well, we should have known better than to plan that much fun into one day because the monsters DID come out as we left the carnival. :) Cash had a complete meltdown because as we were leaving, he came across a glow-in-the-dark sword he'd seen and NO amount of convincing (that he'd already had loads of candy, played with friends, rode rides at the carnival, etc.) could persuade him otherwise. Needless to say, we left the carnival frustrated and determined not to go back next year. We also figured we'd skip out on the fireworks (my favorite part of the festivities-tear) as we were approaching the kids' bed times and weren't about to encourage more meltdowns of the same magnitude. We defintely had over-exhausted kids by that time already. Oh, but it really was a fun day and a great time we had together as a family. I've often thought, "what would we do if we didn't have kids to entertain or kids to entertain us (yes, even meltdowns can be quite entertaining and comical)?" We definitely have a good time with them.


Suzie-Q said...

I love Vanna's big sun hat! It is so cute I'm thinking about getting all my kids hats this summer, don't know if we will use them but it would be fun to have them when we are outside.
Looks like you guys really had some fun. glad the weather was nice for you.

Shauna said...

Ha ha, my kids are the same, they don't function without a nap. Still sounds like you had a lot of fun though!

Dixie Bazil said...

Sounds like you all had a blast! Yeah, kids do make it interesting, but what would we do without them. Life wouldn't be the same and I wouldn't change a thing. Naps are always a good thing and i understand the nap thing. Give them a couple of years when they grow out of having to have a nap and you'll be able to stay the whole day! :)

PBJKLI Ussery said...

Oh! So fun! We sure miss you guys. I can't believe how Cash & Vanna are growing and changing. We have got to get our kids together! Parker's mom is going to fly with Jackson & Kate from Portland to Boise, so we won't have them with us when we race through Payette/Ontario this month... too bad! If for some reason, you decide to make a last minute visit to Lava, let me know! Also, you'll never believe this, but I got Jackson into a preschool for this upcoming year for $45/ month! Can you believe that?! I remember all of our conversations about how expensive it is getting! Just for that reason, I want to stay here forever! We may not be able to afford a house, but we can afford the preschool ;-) Anyway, give the kids hugs from us. I would LOVE to get together sometime. Maybe I can talk you into coming to Portland this next year for Time Out For Women??? You'll have to think about it. It's at the beginning of November and I'll definitely be there! Sure do miss you... have I said that already? Well, I do. Take care of yourself! Lots of love,