Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Record Keeping

I need your help!!!

Reasons for keeping a blog:

-I like to keep a blog for our extended family to see updates on what's going on in our own little family

-I also like to keep a blog for my own record keeping.  I don't do so well at keeping a journal but find that most of what I post about is the same stuff I'd likely be writing about in a journal so...I print off my posts throughout the year and keep them in a binder in an effort to keep some sort of record of our lives and all the fun things the kids said or did that I know I want to remember but probably won't 30 years down the road.

I've heard of some company that you have print off your posts for the year and put them together in a book, bound and everything.  This would save so much on my paper and print cartridges.  I picture these books to be similar to the photo books you can order from most any photo company/store and because of how thin they turn out, I believe a book like this would take up less space on my bookshelves too, rather than these big binders I put my print outs in. 

Does anyone know of a company that does this sort of thing? 


TeAna Hathcock said...

Selena Said that you could do that so maybe see if you can e-mail her and see if she knows. Sorry i'm not much help!

The Ussery Family said...

Yes! It is a little pricey, but there are a few places that I know of. You could probably find more info doing a google search. Here's what I know...


I know a few gals who have used the blog2print and been very happy with it. But like I said, it's definitely an investment. Let me know how it turns out if/when you do it. I am very curious myself!

We miss you guys! Thanks again for letting us spend the day with you. Our kids are still talking about it! We love you!

Cami Jo said...

I've used Blog2print, and it was lots easier than blurb, for me anyway. I do the same thing, although I'm behind in ordering the past year or so, but the books are made, and the company has them saved for me, so I know I can do it whenever I have some extra cash. VERY worth it though!!!

Trenton & Maren said...

I have used blurb.com since 2008 and I really like it. You download free software onto your computer from their website called "Booksmart" and then upload all the posts/pictures from your blog. You can edit where the pictures and text go and I have found it to be as simple or complex as you want to make it. I have also used the Booksmart program for my digital scrapbooking of the kids. The books range in cost depending on whether you pick hardbound or softcover and depending on how much you decide to fit on each page. I do love the quality of the books, though and it is a great record to have.

Trent and Stacie said...

I just use cutest blog on the block. Its simple and cheap :) Stacie Hobson Evans