Monday, March 19, 2012

Smelly Feet...and Toesies

I just had to record something funny about Rosie:

I came across a funny kind of stinky smell the other day each time I sat down to nurse.  I kept thinking it was my nursing pads (so I began changing them out really often throughout the day) or I wondered if Rosie's cradle cap had come back without me noticing and so I kept checking under that thick head of hair she has - trying to get to the bottom of that smell.


Well, I finally figured out what it was coming from - it's from her dainty little hands!  Let me explain. :)

Rosalie has always kept her little hands clenched in tight fists (much like I remember her brother doing) and they get a bit sweaty or clammy.  We often purposely have to open them up to let them air out.  Well, I must have neglected to do that much over the past couple days and when I opened up her hands, while I was nursing, to help the little girl out - there was that smell!  The same stench of smelly feet!  Hahaha. 

Now I even wipe her hands down with a wipe each time I change her bottom and take extra care to clean them very well each time I bathe her.  We can't have a stinky girl now can we? :)  So funny!

And while we're on the topic of feet.  Vanna always likes to add "ies" to the end of lots of words like "dipies" (diapers), "lipies" (lips) and "toesies" (toes).  She has ALWAYS liked getting her toenails painted (I painted her nails when she was a little baby too and I guess it has just stuck) and is pretty much never without nail polish on those little toesies of hers.  I wonder if Rosie will turn out like her big sister?



Just some other fun pictures:

Cash holding newborn Rosalie.

Big sister put little sister right to sleep.

Love the pure joy on Vanna's face!  This is the most snow we've gotten all season!
Try as I might, I could not get this thing turned around but I love this picture and the way the kids' characters shine in it!


amber-girl said...

Love those painted toes! haha! So cute! I was so thrilled to hear that your family is doing monthly themes for FHE too! This month we are doing our FHE's on health. Last Monday we made smoothies with spinach and talked about healthy foods and walked around the park for exercise. It's been so fun to do themes! Now, Carter always asks me at meal times if his food is good for his brain or not! We definitely have lots to talk about during the week!

As for stinky smells, Kya was the same way! Her hands collected lint too! And when she got older and started drooling, if I didn't clean out her neck after each feeding, it would smell terrible!!! But I miss those days! I don't want our baby boy to be born for a long while, because once they are born, they grow up too fast!! But so worth it, right?

Marcy M Miller said...

That is too funny about Rosie's hands-who would think that would be the cause??? I love painted toenails too- and so do my girls.

Kim said...

Yes I can design things from long distance. I just design them email it to you and you can print it at wal-mart, costco or where ever.

Darci and Ryan said...

Super sweet little girl. :-)

The Nelsons said...

She is such a doll. Smelly feet make her that much cuter!