Sunday, September 22, 2013

My FIRST 29th Birthday

Anymore I hardly want to mention my birthdays - the fact that yes, another year has passed and yes, I'm getting older.  I find it more fun to get lost in birthday celebrations for my family anyway rather than my own - I'm sure many of you know the feeling! :) 
BUT, this year, Ty made me feel so special on my birthday that I just have to record it and perhaps brag about what a thoughtful guy I have! 
My birthday was May 6th and that morning seemed like any other.  I got up early, got myself ready and then woke up Ty to get ready for work and the kids to start getting them ready for school.  As I pulled Rosie out of the tub and was getting her dressed, in walked Ty in his "normal clothes" rather than his work clothes.  He never gets mixed up on his days so I chuckled and was just about to tease and say, "honey did you forget you had to work today?"  when Vanna beat me to it and asked, "Dad, do you have a day off?!"  Ty had a funny look on his face (the I-got-caught-with-my-hand-in-the-cookie-jar face) and tried to dodge the question with jokes until finally he announced that he'd switched his days off so he had the day off.  I was surprised and still yet confused, wondering why he had done that when he went on to explain that he thought he'd just spend the day with me and maybe take me out to lunch and a movie for my birthday!  Ahhhh...isn't he sweet!?  I was so surprised! 
It doesn't end there - so as I finished up with Rosie, Ty made his way into the kitchen and started making breakfast!  And not just cold cereal like you might think, but chocolate pancakes - a favorite in our house.  He had them ready for us by the time we were all finished in the bathrooms.  They were mmm...mmm good.  Doesn't food always taste better when you aren't the one who had to make it? 
After breakfast he had me open my present and my jaw dropped.  He got me an iPad 4!  Again, I was completely surprised!  You have to keep in mind people, that we are stone age - we don't have any of the techy stuff and have survived just fine realizing we don't really need any of it.  We don't have any tablets of any kind and we don't even have cell phones - I know crazy huh.  We had thrown around the idea of us sharing an iPad and maybe getting one for our anniversary or for Christmas because I really wanted one to use for my lessons with the Laurels (to use in sharing videos, etc.), but we hadn't made any decisions.  Needless to say, the expensive gift was my birthday and Mother's Day gift combined. :)
We got the older kids off to school and just spent time with one another until we picked them up and went out to Wingers for lunch.  Wingers has always been a favorite of ours because it's where we went on our first date (on Valentine's Day no less) - and it's a place that's comfortable with kids (not too quiet or fancy).  Afterwards, we went to Iron Man 3 at the theater.  Rosie didn't really cooperate so after I had taken her out to the hall, Ty came to my rescue and told me to go back in and watch the show while he stayed out with Rosie since it was my birthday.  Now this might not seem like much but it meant a lot because Ty and I are kind of movie buffs.  We love watching movies and he loves the Iron Man movies and I knew he really wanted to see it.  The show was entertaining and we had a great time.  And to top it off, we came home and everyone got a nap - mom and dad included.   So nice!
I'll tell you what - the man really got it all right this time.  The day was the perfect gift in and of itself.  It is exactly what I always want in celebration of my birthday or anything really, just time - time spent together.  I was so surprised by it all and just loved it!  It made for the perfect FIRST 29th birthday!