Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Record Keeping

I need your help!!!

Reasons for keeping a blog:

-I like to keep a blog for our extended family to see updates on what's going on in our own little family

-I also like to keep a blog for my own record keeping.  I don't do so well at keeping a journal but find that most of what I post about is the same stuff I'd likely be writing about in a journal so...I print off my posts throughout the year and keep them in a binder in an effort to keep some sort of record of our lives and all the fun things the kids said or did that I know I want to remember but probably won't 30 years down the road.

I've heard of some company that you have print off your posts for the year and put them together in a book, bound and everything.  This would save so much on my paper and print cartridges.  I picture these books to be similar to the photo books you can order from most any photo company/store and because of how thin they turn out, I believe a book like this would take up less space on my bookshelves too, rather than these big binders I put my print outs in. 

Does anyone know of a company that does this sort of thing? 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Better Late Than Never Right?!

Christmas 2011

Santa visited our ward party a couple weeks before Christmas. The kids were so excited to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted.  Once Cash's turn came around, he hurried up onto Santa's knee and gave him a big hug - the only kid to do that.  Santa was so delighted with it - it really was darling!  Cash asked Santa for a Nintendo and a remote control airplane.

Then Vanna Banana was next.  She has such a sweet way about her and she sat there on Santa's knee rambling on and on about things.  She told Santa she wanted a remote control airplane too, (Cash talked her into one of these I think by telling her that they could crash them and fight them if they both had an airplane :) along with a new baby doll. 

On Christmas Eve we made cookies for Santa to enjoy when he made his stop at our house.  The kids were thrilled to make cookies.  I love the look on Vanna's face in the picture above - I just love the contagious enthusiasm and excitement kids have about Christmas. 

The kids weren't satisfied with making only Christmas shaped cookies and simply had to include all the shapes they could muster up with our cookie cutters.

And of course, one of their favorite things to do - put sprinkles on the cookies.  Vanna is taking her job pretty seriously here.  After we finished with the cookies, we placed them, along with carrots for the reindeer, by our fireplace.  Then we read the Christmas story and then each of us opened a gift - we always each open one gift on Christmas Eve night - something I remember always doing growing up too.

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year which I thought was special.  What better place to go to remember the true meaning and importance behind the holiday.  Our church starts at 9am though so we had already talked to the kids about being able to come out to see what Santa had left them but that we wouldn't start opening presents until we got home from church (since we barely make it to church on time as it is :) 

I woke up early Christmas morning and couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to just get up and start getting ready.  Well, at 6:30, Vanna came walking into our bathroom to greet me.  I told her that I thought Santa had come while she was asleep and asked her if she wanted to wake up her Dad and Cash so we could go see what he'd brought.  She was so excited!  We woke up Daddy and then went to wake up Cash.  Cash is usually not a very early riser and can be a bit grumpy when he first wakes up but when Vanna said, "Cash wake up!  It's Christmas! Let's see what Santa brought!" he was out of bed in a flash.  As he was climbing down his bunk ladder he was saying, "Okay, come on, come on!  What are you guys waiting for!?"  So funny.  The kids ran out to the Christmas tree and saw......

......this!  Since we were up so early and had plenty of time, we decided to just open our presents before church and then worry about the mess and clean-up/put away after church. I always love to watch the kids tear open their gifts!  And their faces, as they opened their gifts, displayed pure JOY!

Ty's loot -  He got a new winter coat that he looks really good in, a new/bigger tackle box and case for his pole, wallet, web camera, saftey radio/flashlight, CD and candy.  Ty teasingly said the only thing he didn't get for Christmas that he wanted was a baby. Well, he didn't have to wait too long - here I am on Christmas day (two days before we had little Rosalie) looking as big and ready as ever!

My loot - I got some much needed kitchen supplies like some new cookie sheets and measuring cups, etc. from Pampered Chef, DVD, a food processor (I'm very excited to try it out - thanks honey!), clothing, scrapbooking supplies and a beautiful blanket my mom made us.

Cash's loot - A booster seat, LeapPad, slippers, toy pocket knife, a remote control helicopter, cars, and a new outfit.   His stocking stuffers included a new HexBug and some glow sticks that he'd been wanting since he saw them at Halloween. We got the kids some wonderful books and a sled together too.  Now if only it will snow so we can use it! :)

Vanna's loot - A LeapPad, new outfit, a toy puppy, a baby and a stroller, playpen, carseat and blanket for her new baby.  She also got her first Barbie (and it's horse that came with it).  Her stocking was full of glow in the dark bracelets and girly/smelly chapsticks that she loves.  It was so funny when she squealed to everyone she saw that day that, "Hey, I got a puppy!"  they would look at us with a look of "Are you crazy - a new baby and a new puppy at the same time?"  We would have to explain that it's a toy puppy that walks around and barks like a real one. :)

Baby Rosalie was spoiled too and she wasn't even here yet to enjoy it! :)  We got her a highchair and a blessing dress for Christmas and she got some new outfits and blankets from loving grandparents too. 

We just want to thank all the grandmas and grandpas who always play their part in spoiling us (probably half of what you see is given to us by them!) - we are so appreciative and hope you know of our love for you!  We really had such a great holiday filled with MUCH excitement and MUCH to be grateful for!  Hope your was filled with the same!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rosalie's Birth Announcement

Baby Girl Noir Birth Announcement
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Introducing... ... ... ...

... ... ... ...Rosalie Kae Bazil.  Rosie was born on December 27th at 2:09pm.  She weighed in at 7lb. 7oz. and was 19 in. long.  She is perfectly beautiful and healthy - what an amazing blessing!!!

Baby Rosie on her BIRTH day!

Pretty much from the time I had been taken off bedrest, I had been dialated to a three and then, for more than a week before Rosalie was born, I was dialated to a five.  But still Rosie waited and because she was so good at it, after discussions with my Dr., we decided to schedule a C-section for Wednesday, Dec. 28th because we were afraid of Rosie being too big and me tearing to a 4th degree again.  We found out that should that happen, it's likely we'd be dealing with several reconstructive surgeries to repair tissues and all that was destroyed in the tear.  These would start about 4-5 months after delivery.  Several "down" times and surgeries didn't sound pleasant, especially when I would have a new baby and two other little ones to take care of.  We had also been told that recovery from a C-section is also easier than recovery from a bad tear (and I can testify now, that that is absolutely true!).  And finally, after considering the fact that there is no additional risk to mother or baby in a regular/scheduled C-section than a vaginal delivery, we decided that the C-section is what we'd better do, to play it safe.  Ironically, I was beginning to look forward to the idea that I wouldn't have to labor with a C-section - but read on and you'll see that is not what happened.

I was supposed to go into the Dr.'s office on Tuesday, December 27th, to do all the pre-op paperwork and then go to the hospital to do what paperwork needed to be done there to prepare for the C-section too.  Well, that Monday night/Tuesday morning I didn't sleep well at all - I just didn't feel well.  And Tuesday morning I especially didn't feel well.  Apparently I was a bit grumpy too and this was made evident to even myself when Ty gave me a little "what's the matter with you?" pat on the bottom.  I immediately turned to him and said sternly, "Don't."  He just kind of looked at me with a bit of shock and I responded, "What?  I don't feel well!"  This isn't my usual demeanor and I noticed it right away but couldn't stop my reactions at the moment.  Kind of funny.

Anyway, I got to the Dr.'s office where they drew my blood for lab work, I filled out some papers, the Dr. explained the C-section procedure (I had never had one before) and I simply told the Dr. that I wasn't feeling well that day and that I was having more contractions that morning than I had had in the past couple weeks.  The Dr. simply explained that nausea can come back in the end of pregnancy but didn't really respond to my comments regarding contractions and the fact that I (half kidding) had said that I wondered if Rosie was trying to surprise us again and come that day rather the following day that we had scheduled. 

By the time I left the Dr.'s office and made my way over to the hospital, my contractions had picked up and I called Ty from the hospital parking lot to let him know that I didn't think I was coming home and that I was just going to check myself into Labor & Delivery because I really wasn't feeling well and my contractions were coming very regularly.  Ty said he'd find someone to leave the kids with and come meet me in Labor & Delivery.  So, I went inside and went to fill out my admitance papers.  While I was doing so and the lady helping me kept saying, "Tomorrow when you come in..."  I finally said to her that I think I was actually going to just check myself in today to be safe because I really wasn't doing too hot.  She jumped up and ran to get me a wheelchair explaining that she'd rather take me up to Labor & Delivery right away rather than finishing the paperwork.  I got up to Labor & Delivery where one nurse checked me and found that I was dialated to an 8 and that my contractions were coming regularly - only a minute apart.   The other nurses she explained my progress to didn't believe her so another nurse came in to check me.  Sure enough, I was at an 8 and she announced that we had to get the Dr. there stat to find out if it was too late to still do the C-section we'd been planning.  They were able to get a hold of the Dr. (who was surprised to hear I was in the hospital and in the condition I was, since I had literally just left his office) and he said we were still going to do a C-section.  So arrangements for the C-section began to quickly get under way.  When the Dr. arrived, he said to me, "Gosh I guess I should have taken you more seriously in the office but you still had a smile on your face and I thought things were fine - you must have a strong tolerance for pain."  Then he made the comment that when he walked into my room, he knew things were serious because he could no longer see the smile on my face (no kidding!).   So much for not laboring - I was able to enjoy both labor and a C-section (stated with a bit of sarcasm:).

Ty got to the hospital just in time to quickly change into scrubs before I was wheeled down to surgery.  He had to stay behind until after they had all the prep work done (the spinal administered, the surgical sheet up, etc.), then they let him in to stand by my head - just in time to see me throw up.   Minutes later, baby Rosie was delivered and made her first cry - oh what a relief it was to hear her!  They quickly wrapped her up and brought her to my face to see her and touch her for a minute before she was whisked away to the next room to be cleaned up and checked out.  Ty followed her and was able to capture many priceless pictures.  So...I had arrived at Labor & Delivery after 1:00pm and Rosie was delivered at 2:09pm.  It all seemed very quick and I felt a bit hammered and out of it when it was all said and done. 

Proud Dad!

After being sewn up and taken to the recovery room, Ty was able to come in and he was just beaming - such a proud dad.  He announced that Rosalie was just perfect, healthy as can be and I immediately became emotional as it all hit.  How worried we had been over this little girl for so long, just hoping that she would pull through healthy and how wonderful it was for me to hear those words come from Ty.  How grateful we were for the blessing of a beautiful and healthy little girl!  Shortly after Ty's arrival into my room, the baby was brought in and I finally got to hold her.  What tender moments those are when you first get to hold your newborn baby.  Oh, she was (and still is of course) so precious!

Ty spent the day with me and then that night he went to pick up the kids and brought them to meet their new little sister.  They were so excited and did so well to be careful with her and with me.  After giving the baby a thorough check-over, Cash's repeated comment was, "I can't believe how soft her feet are!"


We were able to go home on Thursday and again, emotion washed over me as we buckled our little girl into her carseat to take her home.  We weren't able to take Vanna home right away and again, to think we had so many worries over baby Rosie and we were able to just take her home without any concerns was wonderful.

I don't know what I expected, but my recover has gone very well I think.  The worst part was getting out of the hospital bed, to stand, that first time after the surgery.  Oooo, that killed but it has gotten so much better and I expect to do just fine.  I can already get up and down pretty easily and even bend over to pick things up off the floor - that type of thing has surprised me considering how little you can do immediately following a C-section.  Granted I am still on some medication and I'm sure things will be a bit of a bugger when those things run out but, I believe I've had much worse and think things will be fine.

We are so pleased with our little beauty.  She is such a little angel baby - so good.  She sleeps pretty well at night and is so content and sleepy/happy all through the day.  She only fusses a bit when she's hungry.  She eats well and latched right on the first time we tried to nurse. 

I am just thoroughly enjoying Rosalie and trying to treasure up every moment.  I love newborns.  My favorite part about a newborn is their little grunts and sounds they make and the way they curl their feet up under themselves to stick out their bums when you lay them on your shoulder to burp them or on your chest while holding them - it is just the sweetest thing.  Rosalie has lots of blonde hair and has a little dimple in the bottom of her left cheek.  She still gets the hiccups all the time and she snorts a bit when she gets upset and cries hard :).

The kids are doing remarkable well too.  They've been very patient with me and my inablility to do everything I once was.  They are my little helpers too - to throw diapers away, to hand me things I need, etc.  Vanna just loves to watch the baby and be right where the she is when she's being changed, getting dressed, etc.  She likes to help pick out the clothes for baby Rosie too. 

Ty took a week off work to help me out and I'm so grateful he did.  He has really been incredible to deal with my occasional overflow of emotions or stress and has helped me immensely with everything around the house, with the kids, and to take care of me when I couldn't do things for myself.  He's such a good guy!

We've had a couple visitors as well.  My sister, Natalie, and her son, Roger, came to see us while we were at the hospital and stayed a couple nights to help out with the kids while we made our way home.  We also had my mom and step-dad come stay a night with us to see our new bundle of joy and to bring us some food to help with dinners over the next couple days (that's my mom for you!).  These visits were no small thing as the trip is a good 5 hours which seems long for such a short stay.  I'm so grateful for their effort to do so though.  We've received so many well wishes and beautiful gifts from other family and friends, it's been amazing - how loved we feel and how grateful we are that Rosalie, and all our kids for that matter, have family/friends that care so much for them. 

Now we're all trying to get back into the swing of things.  It's amazing how long it takes for us all to get ready in the morning and how much of a change it is to get back into a schedule with a new baby added to the mix.  But we are doing so good and are so happy to have baby Rosalie in our family!