Saturday, March 31, 2012

a little bit of this...a little bit of that


Last Sunday Cash was asked to give the opening prayer in Primary.  He's fearless about this sort of thing and as he walked up to the front of the room, he told me he wanted to do it himself.  He then proceeded to "bless that we can have this nice day", "bless our lovely teachers" and "bless that we can do service and do nice things for people", in his sweet prayer - among other things.  I was just beaming when he was finished.  Our topic for the month in Family Home Evening has been service and his prayer helped me realize that he really is internalizing the things we're trying to teach him - that the topic is on his mind in the least.  He always says such nice little prayers at home that often blow me away with his understanding.  Love that kid!!!

Building a snowman all on his own with the little bit of snow we got a week or so ago.  See how soaked his pants are from crawling around and rolling the snow up?

Cash is already making out his Christmas lists for Santa. He must think Christmas rolls around again sooner than it really does. :)  Maybe it's the snow that puts him in mind of Christmas again.

Apparently our General Conference basket worked because at the mention of doing it again, the kids were overjoyed. Cash kept asking, "Is General Conference today?" See other new entries for "Kids Say/Do the Darnest Things" in my sidebar :)

The kids (and their stuffed animals) just sitting at their table in front of the TV waiting for Conference to start.

***Can you tell I've been playing with the fun things you can do in Picasa?


I just had to write down some of the funny ways Vanna pronounces different things.  Vanna replaces her Ys with the L sound usually, replaces the TH sound for an F sound and she's not very good at her R sound either.  Here's some examples of her 'adjusted' vocabulary:  "lellow" - yellow; "lowgoat" - yogurt (and Cash pronounces yogurt as "yogrut" for some reason too:); "pwincess cwown" - princess crown. 

Vanna also often over compensates for words that end with an "ed".  For example: "I poop-ed".  This is a terrible example but the only other one I can think of at the moment.  Anyway, something funny came of my confusion with her vocabulary the other day.  Vanna was telling me something and it took me a minute to understand that she was saying, "I thought..." because the way she pronounced it was, "I fought-ed."  Since she can't say her Rs very well I thought she was saying, "I farted" and I told her that she needed to say excuse me.  She would reply, "No, I sayin' I fought-ed..."  and after several tries, it dawned on me what she was doing.  And now if you're totally confused after reading this, that's okay - I was too.

And I guess Vanna decided she wanted a dimple like her little sister, so she just gave herself one.  The poor thing ran right into the corner edge of one of our night stands a few weeks ago (she was playing hide and seek with Cash and had the perfect hiding place picked out - behind the curtain that is behind and to the side of our nightstand) and came away with a nasty bruise on her upper right cheek.

It's hard to see in this picture (unless you view it larger) but in real life, it really is noticeable!

Probably a week after the bruise went away, Vanna complained of her cheek hurting when I touched it as I was helping her get ready one morning.  I thought, "gosh, it's been a long time since she hit it, surely it doesn't hurt anymore."  But sure enough, I purposely touched it again in the spot where she'd rammed into the night stand and she said, "ouch!"  And her cheek felt different in that spot, almost like there was a little bump there.  So I started paying close attention to her cheek and noticed that in that same spot, when she smiled big, she now had a dimple where she didn't before!  Now I wonder if she's broken a bit of her cheek bone or something the poor girl!


Rosalie is now three months and I can't hardly believe it!  She is getting stronger and stronger all the time- she can nearly support her head well enough now to sit up supported and can kind of stand up while you're supporting her.  Rosie is growing like a weed too - or should I say, like a 'rose' hahaha.  She tries to sit up on her own (when you have her sitting on your lap in kind of a laid back position, she'll curl up, lifting her head and try to sit up :),  she's getting those adorable inner-thigh rolls that I adore, starting to get those chubby-hanging cheeks and beginning to wear 3-6 month clothing - ahhhh - the time is just flying by with our little beauty!   

Rosie still has all her hair and it is getting so long - draping near to the bottom of her ears and down the back of her neck.  It still goes crazy in the back regardless of the way I try to comb it down.  I've resorted to adding a touch of hairspray to the back of my three month old's hair to help tame it!

Before you tame it:

After you tame it:

Rosalie's has uniquely pretty eyes - they are mostly a dark blue except that the bottom of her left eye seems a darker color (almost brown) than the rest of her eye.  When is it that they say your baby's eyes are finally settled in their true color?  And her light lashes are long and curl up beautifully. 

Rosie often sucks on her fingers, even when she's not hungry (and often gags herself by doing it).  I remember Vanna loved doing the same thing.  And I know I shouldn't, but I've even tried to teach her how to put just her thumb in her mouth to see if she'd take it.  We've never had a thumb-sucker or even a binkie-lover which is a good thing I suppose - one less thing to break them of right?  But I just think it would be so cute to have a thumb sucker for some reason. :)  We aren't having any luck though - she's not specifically interested in the thumb - she'd rather just stick her whole hand in her mouth instead. :)

Rosalie is definnitely discovering her hands.  She looks at them so strangely as she seems to concentrate on opening and closing them.  It's funny to watch ehr expressions as she tries to figure them out.  She often places her open hand on her face as she's eating or grabs and hangs onto my shirt as she's eating.  I love it!

You would think Rosie might tire of her permanent audience (with Cash and Vanna usually in her face, trying to get her to smile and talk to them) but she simply adores the attention and likes to show off for whoever is giving it to her. 

You can really see Rosie's dimple in this picture too if you view it larger. :)

We continue to be very spoiled by the good nature of little Rosie.  Although there are nights that she's up very often. most nights she sleeps remarkably well - last night for example, she slept for 10 hours straight.  Can you believe it!?  She still fights her sleep and can get a bit cranky until she finally nods off but she always wakes up very happy, showing off her cute dimple and beautiful smile that melts your heart. 

And so far, Rosie is a Mama's Girl.  She follows me everywhere with her eyes and often begins to pout when her Dad's got her (she is so cute when she puts too - she's an expert at sticking out that bottom lip as far as she can :)  I secretly love the fact she prefers me!:)  We are just loving her and wishing we had longer with her at each of these stages.  We visited some dear friends of ours who just had a little boy and it was hard to believe - already - how much Rosie has grown - how fast the time flies.  I know I always say that but it's true!  But, we look forward to the stages Rosie will soon be passing through and we're trying to treasure up the stage she's in now!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Smelly Feet...and Toesies

I just had to record something funny about Rosie:

I came across a funny kind of stinky smell the other day each time I sat down to nurse.  I kept thinking it was my nursing pads (so I began changing them out really often throughout the day) or I wondered if Rosie's cradle cap had come back without me noticing and so I kept checking under that thick head of hair she has - trying to get to the bottom of that smell.


Well, I finally figured out what it was coming from - it's from her dainty little hands!  Let me explain. :)

Rosalie has always kept her little hands clenched in tight fists (much like I remember her brother doing) and they get a bit sweaty or clammy.  We often purposely have to open them up to let them air out.  Well, I must have neglected to do that much over the past couple days and when I opened up her hands, while I was nursing, to help the little girl out - there was that smell!  The same stench of smelly feet!  Hahaha. 

Now I even wipe her hands down with a wipe each time I change her bottom and take extra care to clean them very well each time I bathe her.  We can't have a stinky girl now can we? :)  So funny!

And while we're on the topic of feet.  Vanna always likes to add "ies" to the end of lots of words like "dipies" (diapers), "lipies" (lips) and "toesies" (toes).  She has ALWAYS liked getting her toenails painted (I painted her nails when she was a little baby too and I guess it has just stuck) and is pretty much never without nail polish on those little toesies of hers.  I wonder if Rosie will turn out like her big sister?



Just some other fun pictures:

Cash holding newborn Rosalie.

Big sister put little sister right to sleep.

Love the pure joy on Vanna's face!  This is the most snow we've gotten all season!
Try as I might, I could not get this thing turned around but I love this picture and the way the kids' characters shine in it!

Monday, March 12, 2012


The SEVEN DWARFS in their relation to Rosalie Kae:

DOC:  Well, two months has already flown by and when we went to the "doc" we were reminded of just how fast our baby girl is growing up!  Rosie weighed in at 10lbs. 3 oz. (25%) and measured 23 3/4 in. long (75%).  They re-measured her length because it seemed a bit tall for the size of our little beauty and it was just a bit off.  The second measurement showed she was 23 1/4 in. long.  She got her first vaccinations and handled them very well (she never seemed to get a fever with them like Cash and Vanna always did) although she broke my little heart with her crying.   Rosie is healthy as can be and just doing so well. We're so grateful for such a good and healthy girl! 

And just a side note:  Rosie is starting to discover her hands a bit more.  She is usually found sucking on them (even when she's not hungry).  She has also started placing her palm on her face or grabbing at my shirt or something with her hands while she's nursing.  It's so fun to see her learn and grow and this is only the beginning!

HAPPY:  Rosalie is a very happy and well behaved baby.  We couldn't be more pleased with her.  She has started to really smile at us this month and is even cooing too - I guess I had forgotton just how adorable this stage is!  We have such a ball listening to her tell her little stories.  The kids love to get right in her face and with high pitched voices, try to get her to smile and coo at them.  And it usually always works.  She's a little performer!  The swing also makes her happy.  She will nod right off in it!

DOPEY:  Rosalie really performs for our ceiling fan too, which we think is so funny (although I like to think maybe she has someone special watching over her that she sees up there) - she really focuses right in on the fan and goes to town with her smiling and cooing.  Hmmm.:)  There's also been a couple times where Ty holds Rosie just right when she's getting upset because she's hungry and she'll try to suck on his arm.  he teases her and says, "Rosie, don't you know by now that you're not going to get any milk from Daddy?"

SNEEZEY: Oh - everyone knows an infant's sneezes are just the cutest! And although it's not sneezes, I thought I'd talk about Rosie's hiccups. She has been plagued with the hiccups since birth (she'd have them several times a day and they'd make her a bit upset, especially when she'd just fall asleep and they'd wake her up) but they are finally slowing down now. She only gets them maybe every other day now :).

BASHFUL: Rosie Posie is not at all bashful about filling her diaper. I can usually tell when she's about to let it rip just by the funny face she always pulls before filling up her (usually freshly changed and clean) diaper :)!

SLEEPY:  Technically, six hours of sleeping is considered "sleeping through the night" and on average Rosie sleeps anywhere from 5-7 hours in her first stretch at night.  Then she wakes up once to eat, and fifteen minutes later, we're back in bed for another couple hours before she wakes again for the day.  I'm telling you - she is so good to us!  During the day, Rosie takes a good hour or so nap in the morning and about a three hour nap in the afternoon and again another hour or so nap in the evening.  Then she's ready for bed by about 10:30pm.  I really need to get out the recorder again too and record all her little sounds when she grunts, yawns, etc. as she lays in her little bed and falls to sleep.  I cherish all those infant sounds and don't want to forget them. 

GRUMPY:  Now, I just wrote all about how well Rosie sleeps but that is only after she finally gives in and does fall asleep.  The little stink often (not always) fights her sleep something awful for such a little girl, I think.  I will often nurse her and she'll just about doze off when she comes back awake pretty grumpy, then I'll soothe her and we start all over and go through the process a couple more times before she finally nods off.  Silly girl.  Rosie also does not seem to care for her carseat much and gets pretty grumpy when we put her in it.  Should make for some interesting trips to see family (5-6 hours in the car - fun! ;).  The only other time Rosalie gets grumpy at all is when she's hungry and who can blame her - don't we all?!

We love our little girl!!!