Friday, June 15, 2012


Yay!!! Cash is six!  He's been waiting so long to turn six and has been especially impatient for his birthday to roll around ever since Vanna had hers. 

"real life walkie talkies"

We already had a birthday party for the kids last month so for Cash's actual birthday, we had a low-key wonderful day.  What made it extra special was to have one of kids' cousins, Blyss, come play for the day.  It just happened to work out that her dad was working in the area and she could come play on his birthday - but I made it sound to Cash that I had that planned all along :).  We had a picnic, took a walk, just played and had a great time! 

Then it was cake time.   Happy happy birthday I hope it's really great, happy happy birthday, it's time to eat some cake! (what his Scooby Doo birthday card sang to him when he opened it)

The one thing Cash wanted to do for his birthday was go to Chuckee Cheese (we'd never been and I think the only reason he knew anything about it was from the commercials for it that he's seen a time or two). So, even though we had to go to Boise for it, we went.  We had to wait until the days Ty had off the week after Cash's birthday but we still had a great time - it was right down Cash's alley! The kids played their hearts out, picke dout prizes in exchange for their tickets and even got to meet Chuck!

Happy Birthday Bud!!!


Marcy M Miller said...

How exciting that Cash lost a tooth! Blyss had such a great time at your house- thanks for making it fun. It;s funny how much kids pick up from tv- Hallee was the same way with Chuckie Cheese's- saw it on tv and that is what she wanted to do for her birthday- so we drove to Layton and took her- they had a blast too.