Friday, June 15, 2012

What I Really Need To Know Is If The Tooth Fairy Is Real!

Cash lost his first tooth.  He lost it two days before his sixth birthday.  A couple days prior to losing it, he was playing on the trampoline with Vanna and their friend, Mason.  There was a bit of a collision - Cash's mouth bonked a head - and Cash's front, bottom tooth became loose.  He played and played with it of course, until it finally fell out. 

He was so excited about it and wondered what he might get from the tooth fairy.  Just before bed that night, as we talked more about it, he said to me, "Mom, what I really need to know is: if the tooth fairy is really real or not."  I simply said, "I guess we'll find out tonight won't we."  A bit later after we'd put the kids to bed, Cash came wandering into our room and said, "Mom, I'm trying to go to sleep so the tooth fairy can come but Vanna keeps talking - she needs to stop talking and go to sleep!"

Needless to say, the tooth fairy did come and gave him a whole dollar which he was thrilled about.  We are now seeing a large and crooked permanent tooth emerging from the gums where he lost his tooth.  The poor kid barely has enough room for his baby teeth.  I forsee braces in his future for sure darn it.  The other bottom, front tooth is also a tiny bit loose now - so it seems we're in for more of the same excitement before long! :)


Jennie said...

How fun! Bentli just lost her first tooth a couple weeks ago. She was so excited. Happy Birthday to Cash also! The time goes so fast.

Cami Jo said...

Ha! Carson lost his first tooth the SAME way! A collision with a friend on the tramp. What a cutie though. I love those missing teeth smiles!