Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mendenhall Reunion - 2012

My younger brother and I were in charge of our family reunion this year.  We decided to have it at Heise Hot Springs and it was Aug. 9-11th.  We were so thrilled so much of our family was able to attend.  Somehow life happens, we all get busy and we don't seem to get together as much as we'd all like, but it was so good to catch up and I especially loved watching all the cousins get re-acquainted and play and laugh together.  Oh - it was just so good!
This was how packed our van was for the trip (absolutely no vision out the back window - no walking space, etc.).  We had all our reunion stuff, camping gear, plus all our clothes, etc. to stay with Ty's family for a few days afterwards.  We then picked up my two nieces, Avery and Sophia in Pocatello to bring them along too.  We barely had breathing room - no kidding! :)

At Heise we went miniature golfing, just had a great time visiting, went swimming/tubing, were entertained by the kids and ate way too much - gotta' love dutch oven food! 
We weren't there an hour when Cash came up to me, while we were setting up the tent, thrust forth his clentched hand and said, "Mom, guess what I caught?"  I said, "What?" I expected him to show me a grasshopper but when he opened his hand I found a little frog.  He was so excited!  And I just happened to have a box full of mason jars that I'd brought down to give my mom who was canning beans the following week and offered to do some for me (isn't she amazing!).  So we pulled one out and wah-lah...we had a new pet...for a day...sadly (not so much for me though), the frog died. 

Vanna loved playing with all her little girl cousins.
Here is Maddie and Vanna loving on eachother during our miniature golf game :).

The family trying to enjoy a bit of golf.

Rosie Posie had such a hard time during the reunion though.  She did okay during the night - slept the way she usually does which lately is waking up 2-3 times.   But when she was awake, if I wasn't holding her, her world came crashing down.  She's the only baby in the family right now and, of course, everyone wanted to hold her but she wasn't having it.  I suppose the new surroundings, unfamiliar faces, etc. just threw her off and she just wanted her mama.  Poor thing.
Cash went miniature golfing a second time with his cousins and came back with this "proof of purchase" above his right eye.  One of his buddies had missed the ball, Cash was standing too close and you can figure out the rest.  We're just grateful he didn't hurt his eye - close one - and he actually seemed pretty proud about how strong he was when he got hit (probably didn't want to cry too much in front of his cousins :).

The kids singing and acting out a funny song that Aunt Amanda taught them.  It was hilarious - does anyone know the song A Tootie Ta?!

Wild and Crazy
Sweet cousins saying their good-byes!
We really did have a fantastic time - there is no better time than that spent with family, in my opinion! 
After our camping fun, we headed to Rigby to visit Ty's family for a few days.   It was so nice to see them!  Our kids just can't get enough of the farm - they love to help Grandpa and Uncle Nick with the cows.  Ty took them fishing, they got to see our new baby cousin, Case, - what a great time - but truly, more than anything, we just enjoy the company of Ty's family and relaxing. 

Then it was time to go home.  What a busy and yet relaxing and pleasant trip it was! I loved this picture  - it pretty much sums up the way we felt after the trip.  But we love to do it and we were fortunate to be able to fit it all in before school started - which I'll have to post about next!

A Run-Away

A couple weeks ago, Cash decided he wasn't having fun at our house anymore and wanted to go to a better family where he could have more fun.  I told him he could give it a try but I wasn't so sure he'd find another family that could love him as much as we do.  He must not have believed me because as you can see, he decided to hit the road (our first run-away experience).  Funny that he packed so much stuff and yet forgot to put on any shoes for the trip :). 

We have a round-about loop behind our house that is very slowly being developed - we often walk back there, ride our bikes back there, etc.  This is where Cash headed - he didn't even make it around the loop once before he turned around and came home.  I guess he decided we weren't so bad after all!
Dinner date with cousins!  These kids get so silly ang giggly with one another -
they are always just so excited to be together!

A couple nights ago, I sent the kids into their room to get into their pajamas and get ready for bed.  I could hear a lot of laughter and I went in to get after them and remind them of the things they needed to do before bed - this is what I found - the kids had swapped clothes and got me laughing right along with them!


But we never have any fun at our house (sarcastically:). Hahaha!