Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Run-Away

A couple weeks ago, Cash decided he wasn't having fun at our house anymore and wanted to go to a better family where he could have more fun.  I told him he could give it a try but I wasn't so sure he'd find another family that could love him as much as we do.  He must not have believed me because as you can see, he decided to hit the road (our first run-away experience).  Funny that he packed so much stuff and yet forgot to put on any shoes for the trip :). 

We have a round-about loop behind our house that is very slowly being developed - we often walk back there, ride our bikes back there, etc.  This is where Cash headed - he didn't even make it around the loop once before he turned around and came home.  I guess he decided we weren't so bad after all!
Dinner date with cousins!  These kids get so silly ang giggly with one another -
they are always just so excited to be together!

A couple nights ago, I sent the kids into their room to get into their pajamas and get ready for bed.  I could hear a lot of laughter and I went in to get after them and remind them of the things they needed to do before bed - this is what I found - the kids had swapped clothes and got me laughing right along with them!


But we never have any fun at our house (sarcastically:). Hahaha!


Marcy M Miller said...

Cash could be such a cute girl!! That is soooo cute and funny!!! That is funny he wanted to run away, I remember doing the same thing, and not making it very far as well.

Trenton & Maren said...

Love the run away story. Jace and Jenna made it to our neighbors house on the other side of the block and decided to come back home. Guess they have to figure it for themselves sometimes. The grass isn't always greener, huh?!!!