Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend graced us with beautiful weather to enjoy - it was so nice.  Here we are outside, on Saturday just soaking up some sun.

Then we had an indoor Easter egg hunt.  We've decided we like our own  indoor hunts better than outdoor hunts because there are so many more sneaky places to hide the eggs and the kids have so much fun searching for them.  Even the little miss caught on quickly and participated in the hunt...

 ...that is until she found taffy inside one of the eggs.  She has quite the sweet tooth (hopefully not as bad as her sister) and immediately wanted her treat rather than finish the hunt.

It was a whirlwind of running and squealing for joy and then it over in a matter of minutes - these kids are fast!

This time of year we always like to make our way to D&B to see all the baby chicks they have for sale and we always go for a spring ride out on the back country roads to see all the baby animals (my favorite are baby lambs) and just plain enjoy the beautiful area we live in!

Easter morning brought with it the traditional Easter bunny trail of eggs leading the kids from their beds to their Easter treasures. 


The older kids each got a board game (to help Cash with math and Vanna with her letters/sounds), church outfits and stuffed animals (that came free with their new clothes - love that!). 

Rosie was oh so thrilled about her little toys and stuffed animal as well.  She also got a new church outfit. 
And yes, if you noticed in the earlier picture, we are going to DISNEYLAND and couldn't be more excited!  Actually, Vanna is most excited about going to Sea World and seeing/touching dolphins.  She LOVES dolphins!  It was so fun watching the kids' reactions to the announcement.  Disney characters wrote letters to them (with the help of Mom :) and sent them a few things in a package in the mail to announce the trip and get the kids all excited about it.  One of those things was a countdown chain that the kids can tear a piece off of each day until we leave which has been fun and has kept them excited every day for the trip! 

And here are the munchkins all cleaned up in their new Easter outfits.  Vanna absolutely loves matching clothes with Rosie (they have a couple matching pairs of p.j.'s and she loves to wear them on the same day so they can be "matchers") so I got them essentially the same Easter dress.  Anyway, I love the color coordination but was worried about Cash liking his pink shirt - didn't even phase him though thankfully.  They're just too cute for words! 
After going to church and hearing many beautiful testimonies of our Savior, his life and resurrection, we had a nice Easter dinner, we had an Easter lesson and followed up with some egg coloring.

Dad's fancy creation. :)
The weekend was beautiful all around - beautiful purpose and meaning behind the holiday, beautiful weather, and beautiful company.  Doesn't get much better than that!


Melissa said...

Your kids are so cute!! I love their Easter outfits!! Adorable!! And how fun for you guys to get to go to Disneyland!! I am jealous!

Melinda said...

So fun! When are you going to Disney? I've been bad at keeping up reading, so I might have missed it. We are taking Samantha over Thanksgiving Break, but we're only doing Disney, not Sea World (that's another trip another time!) for her 8th birthday (which just happened, but that's the best time for everyone involved). My mom is coming down to Cali with us to watch Natalie so it'll just be Cory, Sammi and me, then we'll spend time with my mom's brother and his in-laws for Thanksgiving, which I haven't seen them in ages. I look forward to reading more about your trip! And I can't believe how grown up Rosie has become. Sammi loves to match Natalie too :-)