Sunday, June 29, 2014

Easter 2014

The Saturday before Easter we tried out the city's Easter egg hunt at the high school.  It wasn't bad but rather than put candy in eggs they just threw it around on the taped off ground.  This makes sense seeing that to fill eggs takes so long, but what was funny was that they must have disbursed the candy much earlier that day (the hunt was at 1pm) because all the candy was completely melted by the time the kids got to it.  It was so funny to see all the little kids licking their hands and fingers.  We just threw ours in the freezer and they turned out fine but we got a chuckle out of that. 


Later that night, after Ty got off work, we had our own little hunt in our house.  We're having to get really sneaky about where we hide the eggs because the kids are such good seekers.  And boy did Rosie get into it this year - she loved it!

Ah...she found a big one!
Cash was in the habit for a few days of wearing his old 3-D glasses for some reason. 
I thought he actually looked pretty cute in them.  
Look at those skills!
And look at that smile!
With every egg Rosie opened she gave a delighted and exaggerated gasp when she saw the candy inside.  Even though after the first several you'd think her enthusiasm would dwindle - it didn't!

Of course Easter morning was fun as we always set out eggs as a trail from each kids' bed to their little treasures and we discussed the meaning of Easter over a good breakfast.  We had a good lesson on the resurrection the next night for FHE that has kind of become a tradition to do time and time again but we always look forward to it.   Throw some garden work, coloring Easter eggs and a few other things in there and I'd say we had a pretty fantastic Easter weekend.  Sorry, prepare for a picture overload:

The kids in their new Easter Sunday clothes along with their Easter treasures.