Saturday, June 21, 2014

Random Silly Pictures

Thought I'd just include a bunch of pictures I've taken over the past few months that are silly and make me smile. 
February 2014 
When ever we turn on the music the girls think they have to go get into their dress-up dresses to twirl around in.  I tried to capture their creative outfits and after about the fifth picture - Rosie decided she didn't like the flash and started squinting.  Still made for a pretty cute picture.
Speaking of dresses and dress-up...those are two of Rosie's favorite things.  For some reason she loves her Sunday dresses, sweaters and tights.  Who loves tights right?!  Well...Rosie does!
She gets some pretty crazy outfits goin' on :)!
Cash just couldn't resist the bubbles in the sink after washing his hands.

Vanna had space camp at school one week this month and had a great time.  She even got to try astronaut food! :)  And this was her astronaut helmet they made in class.  I think she'd make a darling astronaut don't you?!

And we tried some new hair-dos for Miss Vanna Marie that turned out pretty cute.  I need to be more creative more often rather than doing the same old thing all the time I guess. 

And speaking of creative, Cash got it in his mind that he wanted to make a robot.  He asked me for some boxes and had the basic design for this robot all mapped out on his own.  I thought it was pretty impressive that his Dad only had to help him put it all together so it would actually stand up.

April 2014
Rosie just loves the cat so much it hurts...the not really but almost.  We have to keep telling her, "It's not a good idea to lay on the cat when you're giving loves."  It's a good thing she's so light and that Tiger takes it so well. :)
Every kid has their little quirks and Rosie is no different.  And this is one in particular I always want to remember not only in writing but with a visual...a picture.  For some reason, she has always put her little blanket up to her nose (either to smell or tickle her nose, we still can't tell) to comfort her as she wakes up fully in the mornings or from a nap.
May 2014
Gotta' love static from the tramp!
Rosie likes to get into my drawer of Tupperware to play with and make a mess.  Here she decided it was pretty fun to look through the lids and smash her face against them. 

If you know Cash, you know he likes to clown around...especially if it's with his Dad!

This picture is just the tip of the iceberg in displaying Rosie's love for my lip gloss.  She asks for some every morning when she sees me getting ready. I've resorted to hiding them in my closet because she would sneak into my drawer and I'd often find nearly full tubes layered all over her face.
Rosie likes to ride on the side of the tub as if it's a horsey.

And last but not least (for now on the blog anyway - didn't feel the funny pictures of Vanna in her undies were quite blog-appropriate :), I wanted to catch Rosie in the act of placing items in a long line and in perfect order the way she often does (whether its pens one day or on another day all her hair bows).   I wonder where she gets her organized tendencies?  Hahaha.

Till next time!