Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cash's First Sleepover/Vanna's First Campout

Cash has had cousins come stay the night with their families, and grandparents, etc. but he had his first friend, Nathan, come stay the night a couple nights ago while his parents went on a backpacking trip. The kids had a blast.

Reading books at bedtime.

Sharing breakfast together.

Some of our friends have had the worst luck on their last couple camping trips (being rained on, trucks breaking name it) so we decided to be on the safe side and stay a little closer to home on our last camping trip...

...real close. We just camped in our backyard and had a great time actually. We had hotdogs and s'mores on the fire/grill and even watched a movie on our portable DVD player while we lounged in our sleeping bags in the tent before bed. I know, we're such cheaters, but it was something different to mix things up for us in the week and we had a great time spending the evening and night outside with one another.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Eternally Happy

My younger brother, Josh, got married this weekend so, of course, we made another trip down to southeastern Idaho. We arrived in Rigby Friday afternoon and stayed with Ty's parents that night. Then the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Bazil while Ty and I went to Josh and Amanda's wedding at the Idaho Falls temple Saturday morning. The ceremony actually took place in the same room that Ty and I were sealed in so that was neat. It was beautiful and the sealer did such a great job. Afterwards, they took pictures and they lucked out because there was no wind - it was just perfect weather. The day before and later that day the wind really picked up so they hit it just right. Then we had a wedding luncheon at the Loft between I.F. and Rigby. It was very nice and so enjoyable without the kids (don't get me wrong - I think most mothers can relate) and it was so fun for all of us brothers and sisters to visit and reminice (sp?).

After the luncheon we headed back to Rigby to spend a little time there and then got the kids ready and headed back to Pocatello for the reception. The kids always hate to leave any of their Grandma and Grandpa's houses. They had a ball - Cash got to ride in the combine, the swather, and even got to help Grandpa change the irrigation water while they were there. Both the kids love all the animals there and especially the four-wheeler rides. We got to visit with lots of people we hadn't seen in a while which was great. We stayed Saturday night with my parents and headed home after Church and lunch with them.

I just remember our wedding day seemed so perfect - I wanted that for Josh and Amanda and I think it was just that. I was a wonderful day and we are so happy for them and proud of their decisions. We wish them luck and pray for their eternal happiness as the wonderful couple they are!

Here's some pix:

Josh and Amanda - August 15, 2009
What a beautiful and happy couple!

Ty and Erica - another happy couple!

The cutest couple of all! Vanna with Grandpa Tab.

Cash with Grandpa Max. He couldn't get enough of my Dad's automatic wheelchair.

Here he's dancing with excitement at being able to push the wand and make it go forward.

Josh and Amanda cutting the cake. Of course, they shoved it into eachother's faces with mischievious love.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Bazil Times...Are Busy

We've been busy over the past week or so. We went down to Rigby for some weddings and that was one busy trip. Orginally, Ty's youngest brother was going to be married last Thursday, his close cousin on Friday, and another close cousin on Saturday. Well, Ty's brother's wedding was called off and although, you might think, "oh, sad" was actually a relief to everyone-even his brother. But even going to weddings, luncheons, and receptions for each of Ty's cousins kept us busy - did I mention, everything is much harder with young kids :). was a great trip to see so many on his side of the family. We're so glad we could make it down. And always, it's so good for us to be with Ty's immediate family and for the cousins to play together - I love that!

Here's Blyss, Hallee, and Cash feasting on Grandma's delicious raspberries - they couldn't get enough of them and they loved being Grandma's helper by picking as many raspberries as they could find out of her patch and putting them in their delighted mouths. You can also see Cash's new favorite toy that he never parted with the entire trip.

We took the kids to see Uncle Nick's new baby puppies and new little goats. Cash wouldn't leave the poor babies alone. He loved them. Vanna loved them too...but from a distance. She's that way with most animals. She squeals with delight (and with dogs she even tries to say puppy by saying "pupa") but when it comes to getting up close, she's hesitant. She would pet the puppies and goats with only one little finger - so funny/darling!

Then next week we get to do it all over again, but with my side of the family. My younger brother is getting married on the 15th and we're so excited for another trip down to see family - we'll be exhausted by the end of the month with everything else we have going on too - but hey, it's worth it!