Monday, October 4, 2010


One of Cash's favorite things to do is go fishing and it is becoming quite the family past time. When we have a few hours to ourselves you will often find us fishing along the Payette River where we've found a place that is good for the kids and fairly easy to hook a fish.

It's so fun to watch Cash fish. He is constantly saying his line is wiggling or that he thinks he's got somping and reels in often. We cast out for him over and over and over... But nothing beats the look on his face when he catches one. He reels the fighters in all by himself and holds his catch up so proud.

Then he throws them back into the water like you would a baseball

(and he's got quite an arm) - poor things. :)

This past week however, we went fishing with Grandma and Grandpa (who came up to visit for a few days and help me do some canning as well - more to post on that later) at Mann's Creek. About a week before they came up Cash was talking to Grandpa on the phone - making certain Grandpa was prepared to come fishing. He said, "You got a fishing pole Grandpa?" "You got hooks?" "You got worms Grandpa?" It was so funny!

Ty caught a wide mouthed bass nearly as soon as they got all set up at Mann's Creek - which is the one Cash is posing with below. After that though, no one caught a thing - at least they didn't get completely skunked.

The three fishermen calling it quits. I wish the picture was better but up close you can see they all have their poles in hand. It was cute to see these guys all talking about fishing and for them to actually get together sharing in one of their favorite activities. We had such a good visit with my parents - we always hate to see them go and look forward to seeing them again here soon.


Kim said...

Hey Erica - how are you? Oh my gosh your kids are so cute and so grown up to... Vanna was a just a brand new baby when I saw her last. We're doing great. We just moved back to Pocatello we were up in Rexburg for a bit. Todd is doing his student teaching at Poky. I'll for sure add you to our blog list.

Darci and Ryan said...

So fun that he likes the same things as his Dad and Grandpa! I love these years.....

Johnson's said...

He is a boy through and through. I love the last picture of them all walking. What a memory!