Monday, October 11, 2010

Jumping On The Bandwagon

The majority of folks up here are Broncos fans and upon moving to Payette, we quickly became converted. It's been so fun to watch them succeed, these past couple years, into a force to be reckoned with. My favorite kind of team is the under-dog, and that is what the Broncos were (and what many still consider them to be even though they're unstoppable right now). They rose up out of nowhere and now everyone knows who they are. That's the kind of team I like to cheer for.
Just before the team took the field. I think Ty was embarrassed by my
taking so many pictures but he eventually came around :)

So we decided to go cheer for them up close and personal this weekend. You never know when you'll get to see one of the best teams in the nation - and they're only an hour away! We went to their homecoming game against Toledo and it was a blast. My parents met us up there at the stadium and we had a party cheering for the Broncos - who ended up just crushing the Rockets (57-14 to be exact).

The mighty Broncos taking the field.

Although watching the game from the big screen is nice (expecially with the commentary and the re-plays), it's so fun to be there in person and "feel" the excitment in the air - to see everything so up close!

This is a pix of Coach Peterson entering the stadium after half-time. I had to get a picture of him mainly just because of the type of man I believe him to be. I continue to be impressed with him as he displays encouragable characteristics. He seems humble and is full of talent and sportsmanship (jsut to name a few). Again, that is the kind of guy/coach/team I like to cheer for.

The Broncos going in for yet another one of their many touchdowns that night. We were in what was considered the "cheap seats" although they didn't seem cheap to me. And besides, it was thrilling seeing the funnest of the action in the endzone.

This win put the Broncos back up to #3 in the nation. We are so excited for them. We keep hoping they'll bounce to #1 or #2 by the end of the season for a chance at the Chamionship game. We know they can do it! Go Broncos! Do I sound like a cheerleader yet?:)

Yep we officially consider ourselves a part of Bronco Nation!


Marcy M Miller said...

Good for you guys! Our friends moved from Boise and are huge Bronco fans, their life revolves around the team. Have fun cheering on.

Suzie-Q said...

We like catching them once in a while too and of course if we miss one then Rob's family will always fill us in on what happened. They watch every game.
Go Broncos!
That is awesome that you got to go to a game. I love the blue turf they have it is so unique!

Zoey said...

I've been on the blue turf before for marching band. It is very unique and different. It is also the squishey- iest turf I've been on as well. It's a fun stadium, so I'm glad that you made it there up close and personal!

Trenton & Maren said...

Yep, I wish I still had my season tickets, the atmosphere at a game is like no other I have experienced. Glad you guys could go and have fun. They are definitely fun to watch.


Kim said...

How fun you got to go see a Bronco game! No, Todd will be done student teaching the first part of December. After that he'll probably stay with Wal-Mart and start their assistant manager program in January. It's only an 8 week program and then who knows where we might go after that. Most likely somewhere still in the area. He'll actually make quite a bit more than a teacher doing that -- so we're going to take that route for the moment and maybe he'll teach later on after he's done the Wal-mart thing for a while. Glad to hear you're family is doing well.

amber-girl said...

Haha, I thought the "bandwagon" was going to be more related to pregnancy! Everyone else is pregnant, why not you too! ;)

I had my appt this morning and the baby is high, not even dilated! Oh well! Babies comes when they are ready!

Yeah, we moved to Pocatello, actually, to help out Russ's parents, who were, at the time, struggling financially. Russ didn't want to hassle with transfering, and he loves BYU-I better, plus it is cheaper and we don't have to take out any loans going there. Nice, huh? He stays with his sister in Idaho Falls Mon-Fri and is home the weekends. Kinda tough, but you do what you gotta do, and it has been a blessing in disguise for us to live with his parents. We just know we are supposed to be here.

Russ has almost got his bachelors in Biology with a minor in bio-chem, I believe! What do I know, I am only his wife, haha!

Yeah, and awhile ago we figured out that med school was SO not the path we should go. Russ is still considering other options like P.A. school, radiology at ISU...he's just not sure. Schooling for him has definitely been a different ballgame than he expected!

Anyhoo, sorry to write a novel here! I miss all of you girls from McKinley and Cedar 3rd ward! Someday, we will have to meet up and do lunch or something! You guys look awesome, and though I know NOTHING about football, "GO BRONCOS!!" :)

Cami Jo said...

That looks SO FUN!...but sorry. We're big Y fans over here.

Shauna Velasquez said...

Ha ha, I say boo to being a Bronco fan :) The train ride we went on was called Thunder Mountain. My mom says you can just google "thunder mountain" and it will pull up the site where you can buy tickets. The kids really enjoyed it so i'm sure you guys would have fun. The weather is kind of getting cold, but it would be a good activity for next summer!

Johnson's said...

Yay for you two! I love when you get to have time with your man! Looks like fun!