Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Roll Over Rosie

We like to go to story-time at our local library and the other day we came across this book.  We thought it was pretty comical because, at the time, we were working with Baby Rosie to roll over.


Even though Rosie has been able to roll over for some time now, she still rarely chooses to do so.  She'd rather throw a fit, knowing that someone will come bail her out and/or pick her up when she's tired of laying down on the floor (whether on her back or her tummy).   She is however, beginning to enjoy laying on her tummy much better now.

Funny hair picture!  I had just washed her hair and then had to sit down to nurse her.  Since her hair wasn't completely dry yet, and since it was rubbing up against my arm as I held her, it dried really funny and stood up on end when I laid her down for her nap.

Rosie loves to watch the leaves on our trees and our hanging flowers blowing in the wind, through the windows.  While I'm sitting on the couch, she'll stand on my lap and stare out the windows watching them just mesmorized for quite some time.

Rosalie likes best to be held facing away from you so as not to miss a thing.

Rosie is a very good eater.  She always eats the whole bowl of cereal w/fruits or veggies that I give her in the morning.  We tried bananas this morning, which I thought she'd love but she treated it the same as any other fruit or vegetable I've given her.  She acts as though it's only okay - but she still eats it.  She simply seems to prefer just plain rice cereal very best.  I think I'll start giving it to her twice a day soon.  You can tell she want to be a big girl and eat real food though.  She eyes me eating my food all the time and when I offer her something (like the crust of a piece of pizza) she attacks it as though she's starving! :)

Speaking of eating, I'm so excited I've made it this far with nursing.  I only made it 5 months with Vanna and will be thrilled if I can make it anywhere between 6-9 months (I've never been able to nurse past 7 months).  I do supplement a little and we've been lucky with all our kids that they will both nurse and take a bottle.  Rosie is now trying to hold her own bottle a little bit but is often getting herself frustrated because she won't hold still long enough to hold the bottle still to get enough to eat.

Rosalie doesn't seem to mind the grass. I thought she'd find it itchy or bothersome but she has never complained in the least whenever we go outside and I put her on it.  I remember Cash really didn't like the grass as a baby so we'd always have to place him on a blanket.

Rosie is getting much better about playing with toys.  She's always grabbing for things (and of course, putting them in her mouth) and even sometimes getting into trouble (like when she tore up one of my fake potted plants while I had her sitting on the counter to do her hair).  She also tries to touch my face sometimes when she's eating and I love it.   And when I blow raspberries on her tummy, she's gotten to where she'll grab my face or hair.  She's just getting so much more mobile with her hands. 

That's all I can remember to record for now, til next time............


Marcy M Miller said...

Zak and Blyss kept telling me how cute Rosie is!! She is a cute girl.

amber-girl said...

She is so sweet!!! I never knew you had such trouble nursing either...though I do tend to forget many things now that I have 3 kiddos to chase after! I only nursed Kya for 2 months, so I hope nursing goes well with this next one! You just never know what each child will bring with them once they are born!

Sure miss your cute family! We love our ward, but I have just never been able to find such good friends since we left the Cedar 3rd ward! Hope you enjoy your summer!