Saturday, June 21, 2014

a L-O-V-E-L-Y trip

We made a trip to see grandparents in February, near Valentines Day, which is always a treat.  Speaking of treats - Grandma is always sure to spoil them with something

That's not the only reason we love to visit though.  It's always such a nice break from the regular routine of things and always so relaxing to go to the farm and enjoy time with family.  The kids always love to show of for Grandma and Grandpa...

Vanna's actually pretty good at balancing on her head!
And Rosie...well, she tries her best!  So cute!
...and they always love to play with cousins and now we get to see even more of them now that Marcy and her family are in Rigby.  The kids especially loved playing school.  You'd think they'd want to take a break from that but I guess not. :)

Two little trouble makers getting into all of Grandma's decorations under the table. :)

Even though it's always nice to get back home as well, I often feel like the kids do when we leave Grandma and Grandpa's - "When do we go back?"  It seems like the kids start asking that the very day we get home. :)