Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rosie is TWO

I'm so far behind on my blogging it's ridiculous.  I have my reasons (not wanting to write about particular events that have happened over the past few months) but I'm trying to overcome those reasons and realize the reason I've always liked keeping a blog - to record my life - whether that's the good or the bad.  So in order to play catch up...bear with me.
I've still tried to blog in order of event so first up (following my last post about our Christmas 2013) is Rosalie's 2nd birthday!
Can't believe it...our candy cane cutie (like the shirt says) is hardly a baby anymore! 

And since it's been so long ago, I can hardly remember what we did for her birthday - isn't that terrible (that's why record keeping is so important - our memories don't often serve us well right?!).  But at least the pictures help us remember bits and pieces. 
"As per usual" (one of Ty's favorite sayings), little ones simply love unwrapping the gifts - Rosie is the same way.

One of Rosie's favorite songs at this time was "The Wheels On The Bus" so we got her a LeapFrog Learning Bus toy that sings that song and helps her with her ABC's and #'s.  She also got her own dolly with a binky (she loved all the gadgets and details of things) that lit up and played a lullaby when you put it in the baby doll's mouth.  She also got a darling little black outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Bazil!  I think she looks so cute in black and red and pink - so it's perfect!

We did a butterfly cake for Rosie's 2nd b-day.  I figured, skittles on a cake - I can do that!  And Rosie loves skittles so double score!  What she didn't love was the smoke that came from candles when she blew them out - it scared her enough to make her whimper and reach for Daddy for safety. :) record some things I had written on the calendar about Rosie around this time period (bare with me if some of these are duplicates of earlier posts that I again, can't remember!):
October 2013
- Finally learned how to ask for "help".
-Rosie's said full sentences at this age but her words all blended together so that usually I was the only one blessed with "the gift of tongues" for Miss Rosie.  For example:  "I want a snack." often sounded something like, "Inanack."
-Called anything you could drink juice which is funny because she wasn't even a big juice drinker (it was juice for milk, juice for water, juice for juice...)
November 2013
 - Always said, "Awww...cue (cute)."
-Rosie is practically the school mascot of Payette Primary School.  I'm there a lot for PTO or because of volunteering in Cash and Vanna's classrooms and Rosie just acts like she owns the place when we walk in.  Everyone knows who she is and wants to be by her or hold her, etc.  One thing is for sure...she won't be scared to enter Kindergarten when that time comes - she's so used to being at school already!
-All the little boys in Nursery just love Rosie and truly treat her like a little princess.  They share their snacks with her, they're always playing with her hair, they pull out her chair for her to sit down in, and even sometimes follow her around with their arms somewhat encircling her as if to protect her from all that is scary and dangerous in Nursery.  Hahaha.  It's adorable.  I can see we're going to have to fight them off when she gets older. 
December 2013
 -Rosie can shut doors but not open them yet and she hated the door to be closed. 
-Wrinkles up her nose so cute and says, "Ewww...yuck!" - plain as can be.
-Loves ketchup and A.1. sauce.  She even put ketchup on her bagel and ate it.  Silly girl.
I know I keep saying this, but seriously...I have so thoroughly enjoyed this little girl!  She is my little side kick that goes everywhere with me and is such a good sport about it!  With only her at home with me for several hours every day, it's easy to give her lots of attention and treasure the time we have.  And I know the whole family feels the same way.  She is so much fun and makes us laugh every day.  She is such a wonderful blessing in our lives! 
We love our Rosie Posie!