Sunday, July 6, 2008


Our yard had been hydro-seeded and when we moved into our house the yard was just starting to take shape. The grass was beginning to show itself and of course the weeds had announced themselves spectacularly. There were also lots of sharp rocks in the yard as well as some nails and small chunks of cement that were leftovers from the builders I guess. Although mature grass would have likely covered up many of the rocks, we wanted the kids to be able to walk around the yard without their little feet getting hurt. So we set to work and spent hours pulling weeds and picking those rocks out of the yard.

It seemed as soon as the weeds were pulled they would make their appearance again so we gave up on them - figuring that when we mowed the lawn they would be taken care of so we focused on the rockpicking. Cash has been my little helper in the yard - he particularly liked helping me with the rocks.

We fertilized the yard about a week and a half ago and what a difference it made. It helped the grass to grow much quicker and made the grass a dark green color. It looks much fuller and much better so we decided it was time to make another purchase (we've been making a lot of those lately).....

...OUR FIRST LAWNMOWER! And who's that stud behind the wheels?! I know you're thinking: she's crazy to be excited for a lawnmower but I am! First of all, we've decided the lawnmowing will be Ty's job (so I got out of the hard stuff) and second of all, we've never had to take care of our own yard and are anxious to do that kind of work and take pride in a nice yard.

We also got a weed-wacker. I think it made Ty feel like a man to do a little physical work with a loud obnoxious tool...machine...whatever you want to call it. Cash wouldn't go near the thing (better for saftey anyway) because it was so loud.

We still have much work ahead of us but we are looking forward to it!


Suzie-Q said...

I rememebr those days!! (whenever we had time to workon it)
Have while you can. and don't try to mow when it is too hot outside.
Looks like you are going to have a beautiful yard!
I am jealous, I miss having a yard!!
I'm glad that you have such a cute little helper, yes, I'm talking about Cash.