Sunday, July 13, 2008


We love the library here in Payette! It does Storytime on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:00 where they read a couple stories to kids ages 1-5, have singing time, do a craft that relates to the stories read, and have a snack. I usually take Cash on Wednesdays and Cash loves it. Singing time is dancing time for Cash. All the mothers there are cracked up to watch Cash dance to the songs. He's really pretty good at If You're Happy And You Know It. We always check out a few books and take part in their summer reading program and sometimes we even check out a movie for Cash. When we first moved here and tried storytime out, it made me think, "maybe it will be okay to live here".

The library also creates activity days for the kids to come to on Thursdays and provide lunch at the park. This week they had cool trucks and vehicles at the park for the kids to play in and go through. There was a police car, fire engine, National Guard Hummer, dumptruck, loader, etc. I thought Cash would love this stuff - he's always saying "tuck" when he sees the garbage truck come by - but he was terrified the whole time we were at the activity. Other children would honk the horns or make the sirens go off and this made him nervous. He had a death grip on me and wouldn't let me set him down by a vehicle to get a picture. This is the only one I got of him in the police car and as you can see, he's hurrying to get out of it (he normally loves to sit in our car to play with the steering wheel - oh well).

Next Thursday they are having a petting zoo at the park. Hopefully Cash will like that better.