Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Day In The Life (of a child)

Most every morning when the kids wake up, Ty asks them, "So what are you going to do today? Play all day?" Followed by a comment by one of us along the lines of, "Wouldn't that be the life - to play all day with not much of a care or worry in the world"?

Our bundled up little boy - on his way out the door to play in the snow (and to usually eat a handful of it before I catch him).

The kids had a blast playing in their empty diaper boxes a couple days ago (we sure do go through a lot of those things around here). Cash got to push Vanna around and Vanna got the ride of her life. Their laughs became contagious. We were all having a good time.

As is pretty typical, I think, Cash loves to DUMP the sprinkles on his cookies rather than SPRINKLE them. Then, as you might suspect, he eats only the sprinkles and icing off the cookies before declaring, "I done Mom!"

Vanna is becoming a little more independent and is entertained by her toys more and more. Although she usually likes Cash's toys even better. She's diligent in pestering Cash for whatever toy he has in his hands.

Cash likes to voice his opinion in regard to what pajamas he wants to wear each night. A few nights ago it was his socks - over his one piece p.j. outfit - and his camo shirt over his p.j.s as well.

Although, I'm glad it can be that way for the kids. There's plenty they will worry about when they get older. Don't they look happy?!

Cash: just over 2 1/2 yrs. old; Vanna: 8 1/2 months old


Marcy M Miller said...

Vanna is changing so much- what a doll. Cash is growing so big too. I'm glad that you guys are all doing well.

Mary Clark said...

It would be nice to play all day and not worry about anything except what toy to play with. Your kids are getting so big and Vanna what a cutie! Braden is the same as Cash when it comes to wearing his pj's. Oh well!

Cami Jo said...

That would be the life woudn't it? I guess we should all know, since we all did it at one time or another! Why oh why did we take it for granted then????!!!! They look adorable though. It's so fun when they get old enough to play TOGETHER! It keeps them entertained and gives mommy a little break too!

Yes we did go to Real Deals but we actually didn't hit the Holiday House this year. We did last time though. I love those stores too! It's fun to just be with women, actually! I don't think I would have cared where we went! Glad to see you guys are all feeling better now!

Dixie Bazil said...

Every time I see pictures of the kids I swear they grow an inch. They are so cute. Vanna will almost be a year by the time we see her! How sad. Now life will really get busy as she gets mobile! Have fun!