Monday, June 9, 2008

Moving Day

Next on our agenda was: Move to Payette. The week following Ty's graduation, we spent our time boxing up our little apartment, although our apartment didn't seem so small when it filled so many boxes. My mom came in to help us with the chore and of course, Cash thought he was our helper as well. Here he's climbed into the empty cupboards - he was having a great time.

I also just had to let my mom hold and enjoy Vanna for a minute cuz soon she wasn't going to have that chance so often.

Our good friends and neighbors, the Nelsons, helped us load the Uhaul the day before take off. Then we headed over to the Carlsons to do one of my favorite things - socialize (I think it's a girl thing.) We had dinner with the bishopric and their families and enjoyed every minute of it. We're leaving so many good friends and people.

Moving day was Friday, May 16th. We said our goodbyes (which was especially rough with my mom - it was hard to leave her) and were off.

(Ah yes, you'll see I got a perm and I actually like it. It's easier to do which is helpful now that I'm getting two kids ready in the morning.)

Ty's parents drove up to Payette with us and helped us unload the truck. The drive went much better than I had expected with two little ones - thanks in large part to the portable DVD player we got for Cash. He was enertained with 101 Dalmations for half the trip. We got to Payette at about 5 pm and unloaded the truck. We realized we didn't have water just minutes too late for the city to come turn it on for us so we were without water for the weekend - that was fun. Anyway,we were all exhausted by the end of the day.

Saturday we went and bought a washer and dryer (oh gosh, it's so nice to finally have our own) and a refrigerator and entertainment center (to fit Ty's big screen TV one day - hopefully we can get it for him this month - it is supposed to be his graduation present). We also enjoyed a little drive as we showed James and Orillia around the area and where Ty will be working. Our friends in Fruitland - the only people we knew here - let us use their shower thank goodness and we made it through the weekend on bottled water.

So many goodbyes! Sunday we said farewell to Ty's parents but not before taking some pictures. We are so grateful they could help us out with our big move.

Above is a picture of our kitchen and below are some pictures of the outside of our new house - how exciting!!! We'll get some pictures posted of the inside once we get a little situated.


The Nelsons said...

Cute! Cute! House. You've added at lot to your blog already. I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm so jealous of your washer and dryer. It looks really nice!!

Suzie-Q said...

Oh I miss having a washer and dryer so much!! (Even if the washer leaked sometimes)
Your house is so lovely!!
I can't wait to see more of the inside when you get things moved to where you want them.
Hope it doesn't take too long to get settled into your new place.

The Nelsons said...

The new house looks GREAT!! I think it will be even better when Ty gets a big screen, and who knows, maybe a wii someday!?! Someday we'll have a house. Anton